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Saturday open thread: Will the Detroit Lions make the postseason?

After a 3-game skid, are the Lions’ playoff chances gone?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

What a difference a month can make. At the end of September, the Lions were sitting at 2-1-1 after a close bout with the Chiefs. It appeared the Lions were serious contenders not just for the playoffs or the division but perhaps the entire NFC. Fast forward to the end of October, and we all possibly changed our tune.

It’s only been two games but it feels like much more. At 2-3-1 and a schedule that is about to lighten up the Lions could very well make a nice run these last 10 games.

The question is simple and one we will examine at a few spots throughout the year. At this rate, do you think the Lions will make the postseason?

My answer: No.

Unfortunately the Lions are part of a very competitive NFC this year, and it’s shaping up in a way that it appears in order to earn a Wild Card spot, a team may have to win 10 or more games. A lot can change between now and the end of the season. The NFC has featured a nine-win Wild Card team only two times over the the last 10 years. That’s merely 20 percent. For the most part it takes 10 wins to get in.

The Lions have an advantage in some ways as their tie would likely mean they’d have the best record of all nine-win teams if they finished among them. This would require them going 7-3 down the stretch. 10-5-1 looks a lot better but is still no playoff guarantee as there have a few years where the two Wild Card teams both had 11 wins or more.

Looking at the standings, the NFC is looking strong with likely Wild Card teams coming from the NFC North (Packers or Vikings), South (Saints, Panthers) or the loaded West (San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles). Of course, some of those teams will end up winning the division.

Can the Lions make a strong run and go 8-2? Even 9-1? I’d love to think so, but I have my doubts. Let’s review their chances after the next four games. After all, we could be talking about contending for the DIVISION at that point. A lot can change, but for now it’s time for the team to rack up a nice winning streak in order to compete in a loaded NFC.

I have the Lions on the outside looking in. What about you?


Will the Lions make the playoffs?

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