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Ask A Lion: Jamal Agnew talks Waffle House, ‘The Sandlot,’ and driving in Michigan

Jamal Agnew answered your questions.

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Our “Ask A Lion” series continues this week with Detroit Lions cornerback and returner Jamal Agnew. He answered all your questions about Michigan weather, Waffle House and favorite kid sports movies. Here’s how it went down.

If you missed our previous installment, we talked to Jahlani Tavai a few weeks ago. You can catch that right here.

What’s been the hardest or weirdest transition for them moving to the Michigan area with weather? (submitted by tjwGOblue)

”Driving, for sure. I mean like, it’s cold, but you can throw a nice coat on, layer up. But like driving, I didn’t drive in the snow my first time until I got out here. So it was just so much different.

Honestly I was just driving so slow. I was just making sure I had two hands on the wheel and I was just following the tracks. Like I didn’t get in any spinouts or anything, I think I was going too slow for that.

You’ve probably seen some accidents

”I’ve seen some shit.”

Sandlot or The Mighty Ducks? (submitted by GM26)

”I gotta go Sandlot. Great Bambino. I mean, me and my cousins used to grow up watching that. We used to play baseball a lot. That was one of our favorite movies growing up. I didn’t watch the Mighty Ducks a lot, to be honest. I do remember watching it a lot in my childhood, but I don’t remember it as vividly as the Sandlot. I still watch the Sandlot now.

Were you good at baseball?

”I was. I’m not that good now. I made a couple of All-Star teams. But I couldn’t hit anything. I was a really good fielder.

Could you pitch?

”Nah, I couldn’t pitch. I couldn’t hit. It was bad. My dad was the coach, too”

Any difference in your preparation for road games vs. home games? (Submitted by HumanVictoryCigar)

”Not really. We kind of go through the same stuff. We stay in a hotel, even in home games the night before. So it’s pretty much the same. I guess the transition is just like time difference. So you’ve got to know, go to sleep at the right time. Especially if we’re playing on the west coast, the time difference is a little different. But nothing really unique that I do home game vs. away game.

Do you have a consistent roommate during away games?

”Away games, we usually get our rooms.”

Favorite game-day meal? (Submitted by seabeeruss)

”I do like to eat the same stuff, to be honest. Like the night before I like to eat a steak with some type of veggie and some type of carb like mashed potatoes, rice or something. And then, if it’s a morning game, I definitely like to get the same scramble.

I didn’t really I was this...”


“Yeah. So in the mornings I’ll get a scramble with the same stuff in it. But if it’s night game, we’ll usually have like pasta, so I’ll get pasta. Throw the same stuff in there.

I didn’t know I was like that. Now that I’m thinking about it, that’s crazy. Damn. I guess I gotta start self reflecting a little more.”

You a fan of Waffle House? (Submitted by seabeeruss)

”See we don’t have Waffle House in California. We traveled in college, we traveled to the south a lot and to the east coast and Jacksonville--some of those places have Waffle House. My first time going to Waffle House was in college, my junior year we went to-- I think we were in Kentucky or something--we were somewhere out there, but went there... it wasn’t as good as I thought it would going to be.

I grew up on Denny’s and IHOP, so it’s different. I wasn’t a big fan of it, to be honest.

Give it a 1-10 ranking

5.5, 6. It wasn’t gross, it just wasn’t what everybody--I hear a lot of rappers talking about, like 2 Chainz always talking about Waffle House.’Waffle House this, Waffle House that.’ It wasn’t that good.

Which NFL team do you look forward to playing the most in the NFL? Do you have a favorite? (Submitted by Eduardo Alejandro Parrao)

”Not one. I haven’t played all of them yet. I’m really looking forward to playing every NFL team. That will be cool. I don’t really have a favorite one. I mean, I like being at Minnesota, because they got that crazy Skol chat. That shit is nuts. It’s loud as hell in there, too. Philly was a good experience, because those fans are so passionate. Just like the fans out here in Detroit, passionate. If you’re not doing well, they’re booing.

I’m just looking forward to playing in like every stadium. Like I want to go to New England, that would be dope. I want to go to Denver. Man, we go to Denver this year. Mile High, soIi want to see what that altitude is about. I thought we were going to KC this year, but they came there, but I wanted to play in KC, that would’ve been dope.”

If you weren’t playing football, what career path would you have chosen? (Submitted by DetroitVsEverybody)

”I’d honestly be coaching. I like working with kids. I like giving back. Definitely at the high school level. I feel like college and the NFL there’s a lot of traveling. High school level I feel like that’s important, because when you’re in high school you’re one of those kids, you want to make it to the league. It’s good to have somebody that’s been there and done that.

”Obviously, if I wasn’t here, and I was coaching, I wouldn’t have been here and done that, but honestly, I would’ve known what it takes. I would probably have tried to get to the league at one point. Just getting to those kids at a young age like that, it’s tremendous and it will help a lot. Make an impact.”

If you left Michigan, what would be the one thing you’d miss the most? (Submitted by DetroitVsEverybody)

”I like the seasons. Honestly, I’m not going to lie, I hate the snow, but like the transitions between seasons. Summer to fall, fall to winter. I love that. The leaves are changing colors. In California, it’s not like that. It’s just all one thing all year around, so you kind of get bored of it. So just seeing like the leaves changing, falling off the trees, it’s kind of cool. I would miss that.

I mean you can get that in a lot of places in the midwest, east coast, but I feel like Michigan is different.”

Do you have a hidden talent? (Submitted by DetroitVsEverybody)

”I’m really good at video games. It doesn’t matter what it is. Madden, 2K. I’m really good at first-person, third-person shooters.”

Are you playing new Modern Warfare?

”I just downloaded it. I haven’t played it yet. We got a group of people ready to play it. We’re gonna get down on that today. So I’m excited for that.”

Do you play any other games?

”I play PUBG. Really just PUBG, 2K. I’ll play role playing games like Batman: Arkham Knight. I love shit like that. I’m really into Marvel, DC, all that stuff. So I’ll play games like that sometimes.

No Fortnite?

”Nah, see I played PUBG first, so I was stuck on that. PUBG is kind of like Call of Duty-Fortnite combined. Realistic warfare, but never got caught on that Fortnite hype. I tried it a couple times, but I was terrible so I was like, nah. People building walls around me. I’m like, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing.’ I couldn’t take getting carved up by a little kid.”

When is the first time you thought you had a chance to actually make it in the NFL? (Submitted by GM26)

”We played San Diego State my junior year of college. Obviously, I came from a non-scholarship school. San Diego State was the bigger school. Obviously, they’re historically pretty good.

I played really well that game. I had a pick, a bunch of PBUS, some tackles. I don’t think I got a ball caught on me. So that really just made me realize I’ve got a shot at the next level if I stay the course.”

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