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Detroit Lions Week 8 Song of the Game: ‘Get it Right’ by Aretha Franklin

Sometimes when you had a spell of bad luck, the small victories are what you need.

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It’s a long season, and sometimes it’s longer for others than what it actually is. The NFL is a thousand timelines warping at once as fans and writers contemplate the vast difference between Sunday and the next, six days of inaction between—not to mention the speed at which a team must be praised or condemned for their entire season.

It’s easy to think the season is over next week in such a mindset, but there’s plenty of football to play, plenty of time to turn this around. Even for the Detroit Lions, feeling sorry is only so fleeting. Feeling good after a win always helps, but the Lions are still trying to keep pace and fighting. Anything could happen in the NFC now.

Or maybe that’s just hope talking, and next week will feel darker again. But Motown has positive vibes here today.

Detroit Lions - New York Giants Week 8 Song of the Game: “Get It Right” by Aretha Franklin

Losing to the Vikings? Bad vibes and anger after trading Quandre Diggs? Again it’s easy to forget that there’s still nine more games to play, and anything can change in between.

Winning is a good start, and the Giants win will get a few back to the trough. Trade deadline? Maybe even more so, or perhaps there will be plenty of anger and rage yet again. We’re going to find out soon enough. But as the great Aretha Franklin urges, you still got time to get things back on track.

Let’s get this thing to working
There’s no reason to wait
The time is now to start
We all could use the change
Hey, from right now till the dawn
We gon’ really carry on

She’s got a point. I mean, take a look at this beacon of positivity:

OK, not the greatest example. But listen, the sentiment is there. Things can get better for these kitties. Work with me here people.

You don’t need to be drinking Kool-Aid here, nor are you hoping for a miracle. Teams can come together and play just a little better, maybe handle a few divisional rivals and close the gap. Maybe someone else is going to help you with a lucky break. Who knows? We got time.

The Lions have to handle business as the second half starts. Yes, that’s right, only just the start of the second half of the season. Two more blistering months of ball. Plenty of time to get things sorted and turn things around, maybe look a little more respectable. With the Lions sitting at .500 there are universes of possibility here. Does the Giants win spell positivity after a snapped losing streak? Will the Lions get right or waste away?

Guess we’ll find out together, baby.

If you’re still not feeling those positive vibes keep listening to this song until that changes.

Song of the Game is an opportunity for our staff to express their weekly feelings of being a Lions fan, but through the art of song. Each week, we’ll provide a song that perfectly encapsulates the Lions’ game and how we experienced it. By the end of the year, we’ll have a full Spotify playlist telling the story of the 2019 Detroit Lions season.

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