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VIDEO: Watch Matthew Stafford break down his own high school highlights

Stafford’s memory is crazy good.

Oklahoma State v Georgia Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Ask any NFL player and they’ll tell you some of their most memorable football moments happened under those Friday night lights during their high school career. There’s something about that environment that is just incomparable to the college and professional scenes.

Looking back at those days can be truly astonishing for NFL players. They’re almost always the best player on the field, sometimes by a considerable margin. They’re faster, stronger, and just plain more athletic than all 21 players on the field and it feels like they were destined to play that sport professionally.

The Detroit Lions have a cool little series on their website honoring those special Friday nights in which Lions players used to just dominate their opponent. They gather some of the tape from those days, and have the Lions players react to those games.

The latest episode takes Matthew Stafford down memory lane. Take a look:

It’s truly remarkable how clearly Stafford remembers those plays. He quickly identifies a two-point conversion. He knows the names of each receiver he played with. And he almost immediately recognizes just how ridiculous his hair looks with the power of hindsight.

In true Stafford fashion, he remained humble throughout it all.

“That really was him more than me,” Stafford said of one play.

“He was wide open. I didn’t have to do much there,” he said of another.

You can also see Marvin Jones Jr. and Devon Kennard watching themselves in high school right here and here.

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