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PODcast watches the NFC North, plays a Lions trivia game

How much do you know about random bits of inconsequential semi-related football knowledge?

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As a primarily Lions-focused show, it’s hard to catch up on all NFL action properly some weeks. Usually there’s other marquee matchups in the same time slot that you just don’t have the time to catch. So when the Detroit Lions take a bye it’s absolutely an opportunity to see how things are going.

Thankfully, Week 5 of the NFL season provided us plenty of nuggets when it came to Detroit’s NFC North neighbors, as the Green Bay Packers moseyed on down to Dallas and the Chicago Bears took a trip to London. I’m sure nothing bad happened.

But that’s not all. We put in the work and we’ve come up with an exciting brand new game show. Do you know the wacky and wild corners of Lions trivia? Take a listen and find out.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Hey the Bears lost to the Raiders. The Raiders! Oh that’s good, that’s real rich of a joke you g—wait that actually happened?
  • So uhh just how screwed are the Bears this year now anyway? Are they about to slump into a bad hole after being exposed by Oakland?
  • Meanwhile the Packers look... good? They slugged the Cowboys hard in the mouth and it’s hard not to admire Aaron Jones’ performance.
  • But most important of all... what does it mean for the Lions in the division?!
  • It’s time to unveil a new game show. Jeremy, Ryan and Mansur all join to play the inaugural version of “Why You Lion?!” We’ll see if they’ve got the balls and the gumption to know the most obscure and hardcore of Lions trivia, wring up the hottest takes on the Lions and solve more brain teasers and tongue-twisters. You should NOT miss this.
  • Mailbag asks the most important question of the season: is Lions head coach Matt Patricia secretly a goth?

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