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Detroit Lions fan confidence bounces back after Giants win

Cautious optimism is abound.

NFL: OCT 27 Giants at Lions Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We Detroit Lions fans are a cautious bunch. We’ve been burned too many times to come back to the well without at least a little bit of apprehension that the water is poisoned. Of course, there are a few of us who will rush up with two eager hands ready to bathe themselves in the water, but most of us have learned to at least dip our tongue in before swallowing.

So while the Lions finally got off their losing streak last week with a 31-26 victory over the New York Giants, not everyone is ready to forget the three games that came before it.

In our latest FanPulse polls, 44 percent of Lions fans are confident in the direction of the franchise. That’s a significant bump from the previous week’s 19 percent but still a far cry from the 91 percent confidence rate way back when the Lions’ close loss to the Chiefs seemed like a good thing.

While it’s unlikely Lions fans ever reach that level of confidence again, they could certainly make some progress with a big road win over the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders are an interesting team. They’re riding a two-game skid, but despite all the offseason noise and the circus that comes with head coach Jon Gruden, fans are actually feeling pretty good right now. In fact, confidence is up even after their loss to the Texans last week.

Overall Raiders confidence is at 66 percent, which places them just outside the top 10 in the entire NFL. With Derek Carr playing at a supreme level and the Raiders touting a promising young running back, fans believe the Raiders’ future in Las Vegas looks bright.

Of course, that can all change in the matter of a week. We’ll see how things look after Sunday’s game.