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Bold prediction of the week: Lions defense shuts down Bears

After a rough outing against the Raiders, expect the defense to rebound against a flailing Mitchell Trubisky.

Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions defense hasn’t been pretty lately. The defensive line, hyped up to be the strongest unit on the entire team in the offseason, has been hammered by injuries that have left many linemen unable to play or very limited when they do.

When your defense is built upon setting the line of scrimmage and stopping the run, that’s not very good news. Lions defenders continuously get moved on the line of scrimmage like they’re standing on a slip and slide and the defense has been gutted for heavy yardage the last several weeks. Hopefully that changes Sunday in Chicago.

Bold prediction of the week: Lions defense holds Chicago to less than 275 yards of offense

This doesn’t seem like a very bold prediction when you consider that the Bears offense averages a shade over 266 yards of offense per game. If you take a look at the Lions defense, however, and their average of about 424 yards per game allowed, it becomes a very bold prediction.

Facing Mitchell Trubisky is the key to success. He has been blinder than Stevie Wonder when eyeing open receivers this season. His sheer limitations when it comes to football acumen will give the Lions defense the extra step-and-a-half they need to get to the quarterback, jump a stared-down out route, or anything in between.

Maybe half-decent Trubisky makes an appearance today—if he does, the Lions are screwed. If Trubisky remembers he has two legs he can use to run, the Lions are screwed. Trubisky has 46 rushing yards through eight games—last season, he posted 421 rushing yards for the entire season. Even if Patricia anticipates it, last week’s game in Oakland exposed how poorly the Lions defense is setting the edge right now.

But as the old saying goes, “Trubisky’s gonna Trubisky.” If that saying rings true today, the Lions defense will have a shot at looking like their old selves by the end of the day.