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Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears first half open thread


Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

This is not where we want to be today.

The Detroit Lions are 3-4-1. The Chicago Bears are 3-5. Both teams are the longest of long shots to make the playoffs this point and they still have eight games remaining on the schedule.

To make a bleak situation even bleaker, the one constant positive in our sad Lions fan lives is Matthew Stafford, and for the first time in nine years that is being taken from us today, too. Stafford is inactive after breaking his back carrying this damn team for a decade.

But we’re all gluttons for punishment. We all keep coming back to the well that continually poisons us, because the alternative is to simply thirst of football to death.

If this sounds like a sad intro to the Lions - Bears first half open thread, it’s because it is. Maybe Jeff Driskel shows up against one of the best defenses in the league. Maybe the Lions defense finally rebounds against a bad quarterback and a failing Bears offense. And maybe, just maybe, the Lions go on a run from there.

But not even the most persuasive salesperson could convince anyone that will actually happen.

So enjoy the fact that football isn’t extinct and that you’re still alive. We’ve got that going for us.