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Detroit Lions Week 11 preview: Why are the Cowboys so inconsistent?

The Cowboys are good, but they should be better. We asked Dallas bloggers why they’re underperforming.

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Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Looking at all the statistics, advanced or otherwise, this Dallas Cowboys team is clearly one of the best in the NFL. They’ve allowed the sixth-fewest points, scored the sixth-most points, rank first in offensive DVOA and 20th in defensive DVOA. They’ve got an all-star quarterback playing some of the best football of his entire career, a huge threat in the backfield, and a top-five receiving corps in the league.

Yet despite all those things, this is a 5-4 team. Aside from one beatdown of an inconsistent Philadelphia Eagles team, the Cowboys don’t have a staple win on their schedule. Whenever they’ve faced a true NFC contender, they’ve lost. Packers: Loss. Vikings: Loss. Saints: Loss.

For whatever reason, they can’t seem to win the big game, and it certainly doesn’t look like a personnel problem.

So to help us figure out what’s going wrong with the Dallas Cowboys, we got our friend Dave Halprin, the editor in chief for the SB Nation Cowboys blog Blogging the Boys.

He sat down with myself and Ryan Mathews to give us the lowdown of what’s up with Kellen Moore, why the defense has regressed and everything in between. Check it out:

This week on First Byte:

  • The Dallas Cowboys are good, but their record doesn’t show it. What gives?
  • THE COWBOYS GAVE KELLEN MOORE A CHANCE! How’s that working out?
  • The Cowboys linebackers are great but playing like crap right now. Who cursed Leighton Vander Esch?
  • The Cowboys lost to the Jets. THE COWBOYS. LOST. TO THE JETS.
  • Dallas is beat up on the offensive line. What’s the concern level in Dallas right now?
  • Oh no, Ezekiel Elliott is good again. How can the Lions stop them?
  • Oh no, Dak Prescott is leading the most potent passing offense in the NFL. Will the Lions pass defense ever be good again?
  • It’s probably Jeff Driskel time again, Dave gives him some tips on how to beat Dallas’ defense.
  • PREDICTION TIME: Ryan is doom-and-gloom. Dave thinks the Cowboys will rebound. I make a prediction that the Lions offense will be entertaining... for one play.

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