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Detroit Lions fan confidence in Matt Patricia, Bob Quinn hits new low

The tide is starting to turn on the Matt Patricia era.

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Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Last week, Detroit Lions fan confidence hit a new low for 2019. This week, things got lower than low.

After a loss to the feeble Chicago Bears, fan confidence in the direction of the franchise has hit just four percent, second lowest among all SB Nation blog. The team below the Lions? No, not the 0-9 Cincinnati Bengals, who currently have an eight percent confidence rate. Our friends at Washington blog Hogs Haven have just three percent confidence in their 1-8 team.

For Lions fans, this marks a new low of fan confidence ever since the team hired head coach Matt Patricia. Take a look.

Even last year, when the team collapsed following the Golden Tate trade, fan confidence only dropped to eight percent, ironically after losing to the Chicago Bears on the road in Week 10:

Last year, there was at least some good feelings to end the season on. The defense rebounded after the acquisition of Damon Harrison Sr. and gave fans reason to believe brighter times were ahead.

But with the Dallas Cowboys coming to town this week—and Matthew Stafford still sidelined with his back injury—it’s hard to see a similar rebound on the horizon. Though Detroit’s schedule does ease up a little bit with future games against a 1-8 Washington team, a 3-6 Broncos team and a 3-6 Bucs team, Detroit also has some tough contests against the Vikings and Packers remaining.

If this coaching staff is going to build confidence towards the future like last year, they’re going to have to start showing some serious progress, and maybe more importantly, start marking tallies in the winning column again.

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