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Friday open thread: What excites you most about the Lions right now?

It is a rough time to be a Lions fan, but there are still some bright spots.

New York Giants v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions are not in a good spot right now. While some fans were optimistic going into the season, the current record is not exactly a surprise to many. Unfortunately, this is a position that Lions fans know very well: essentially out of the playoff chase by Week 10, staring at a good, but not great, draft pick.

This is tough, and not a lot of fun. Those hoping for the team to tank are willing to subject themselves to mediocre football for the next eight weeks. Those clinging on to the last shred of hope are setting themselves up for big disappointment. What then can we do?

The only thing left for us this year is finding pieces that interest us. The wins are probably going to be hard to come by, and the chances of the playoffs are basically none. However, there are plenty of interesting story lines that remain, and those are still worth our attention.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

What excites you most about the Lions right now?

My answer: It has to be Kenny Golladay. The third-year jump for wide receivers has been pretty well popularized, but the notion exists for a reason. Golladay had a solid sophomore campaign, but he has taken another step forward this season to really put his name on the map.

The former third-rounder is currently on pace for 68 receptions, which is a dip from last year, but that has not affected his production. His current per-game rate would put him at 1,239 yards and 14 touchdown at the end of the year, which would include him in the conversation of top-10 wide receivers.

Now, Jeff Driskel replacing Matthew Stafford could be a little detrimental to Golladay’s performance, but he is still worth the watch. Little else is going right for the Lions, but it is encouraging to see a legitimate weapon still forming. Even if the losses keep piling up, the Golladay highlights should be growing too.

Your turn.