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Ask a Lion: Graham Glasgow grades NFL mustaches, creates Kit Kat/Reese’s treat

Your favorite right guard answers fan questions.

Detroit Lions v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Detroit Lions starting guard Graham Glasgow is a fan favorite. Not only did he go to University of Michigan, not only has he displayed a fun personality in various interview, but he’s also played Fortnite with us and been a generally good person with both the media and fans.

So it should come as no surprise that his edition of Ask A Lion—in which we asked him some of the questions you all came up with—was highly entertaining.

Let’s just jump right into it.

Have you ever been to Glasgow, Scotland?

”I have not. My parents have.”

Is that your where you family originates from?

”Yeah, my grandpa on my dad’s side is Scottish and that’s where it comes from.

Do you have any desire to go there?

”Yeah, one day. I usually am kind of averse to traveling more than like four hours on a plane at a time per day. So I don’t know exactly how I’d be able to get there in four-hour increments, but I’ll figure it out one day.”

Where did the head-tap celebration come from? Was it just kind of a natural thing?

”Yeah. That’s kind of something that I’ve always had done. I feel like it kinda got more attention when they made celebrations legal. I wouldn’t really know what people were doing (celebrating), so I would usually just wait. Wait for an opportunity to give them a tap on the head. But, yeah, I had been doing that for a long time. Starting probably in college, high school.”

If you scored a touchdown would you head-tap yourself?

”I have scored a touchdown in high school.”

How did that happen?

”It might have been Senior Night, or not, I don’t know. It was later on in the season my senior year, and I got a ball handed to me--we were on like the 6, 4 or the 6, it was one of the two. Then I scored a touchdown and I acted like I had been there before. I handed the ball to the ref and I was like, ‘This is just business, as usual.’ And then that was the last time I ever scored a touchdown. Probably should have made a little bit more of bigger deal out of it.”

Were you thinking at the time you’d score again sometime?

”No, I didn’t even think about it. I was like, ‘Act like you’ve been there.’ We were already winning by like 40. So at that point in time, you’re already laying it on them by having an offensive lineman score a touchdown. I think I was the second of the day, actually. My brother Ryan scored one before me. They maybe felt bad for me, and then had me score one.”

The Sandlot, The Mighty Ducks or Space Jam?

Amani Oruwariye, a few lockers over: “What? That ain’t even hard.”

Graham Glasgow: “I know you’re going to say Space Jam.”

AO: “Why do you think I’m going to say Space Jam.”

GG: “Because I feel like that was probably more in your era.”

AO: “Nah, I was gonna say Sandlot.”

GG: “I was going to say Sandlot, also. I used to watch The Sandlot almost every single day with my grandpa and my brother Ryan. We would watch it almost every day.”

Do you have a character you identify with the most from the movie?


Which one is Porter?

”The fat one with the red hair. I remember at one point in time he said, ‘The Great Bambino’ or whatever, and then Ryan started calling me “Ham-bino” and then it just became “Ham,” which is also just part of my name if you spell it out. So, yeah, I identified with Porter there.”

What was your first purchase after signing your contract?

”I didn’t really buy anything, so this is why it’s kind of hard. I really don’t even remember. I literally just went out. This has been written about before, but I drove my mom’s Honda Pilot for like the first three years. I just recently, this year, went out and bought a car.

I don’t even know.”

Did you go out for a celebratory dinner or anything like that?

”No, not on the day I signed my contract, but there was a lot of celebrating the night of getting picked. That was probably the bigger night. Drinks were on me.”

Coney or Buddy’s pizza?

”I would say Buddy’s.”

What’s your Buddy’s order?

”I usually get the Detroit Public TV. I think it has the pepperoni under the cheese, and then it has the ones that curl up on top. So it’s just double pepperoni.”

Thoughts on the new chapter of Fortnite?

”I think that it was good for the game, because I feel like they balanced the weapons by taking out a lot of them and making it so that every gun is viable, even the pistols. But with that being said, I think that the mobility is extremely limited, and it’s very hard to move around the map. I would’ve at least thought that they would keep jump pads in the game, and then they didn’t.

“I’ve actually been playing a little Call of Duty. I’m spreading myself thin. It’s fun. I like playing Fortnite and I still do, but I play Call of Duty more now, because I get to play with maybe some guys in the locker room and my friends back home play it. And now it doesn’t matter what system you’re on.”

Best Fortnite emote?

”I like, I think it’s called slick.”

”It used to be True Heart. I love True Heart, but I just like the saxophone sound. I just enjoy the music, and I also think the emote itself is pretty good.

“There’s that one and there’s also the Peace Out one.”

Most memorable moment in NFL?

”I would probably say beating Minnesota my rookie year at their place when we had like 20 seconds or whatever to kick a field goal. Then we went into overtime and won.

That was awesome. That’s probably it.”

Grade these NFL mustaches:

Gardner Minshew.

”I always think there’s room for improvement for everybody’s, so I’ll put his at an eight.

Baker Mayfield and his “homeless” look.

”Are you talking about like the “divorced dad” look?”

“I’ll put that one at—it was still a little thin, so I’ll give it like a 6.5 or 7.

If you are growing yourself a mustache, I can’t give you lower than a 5. But I don’t think I’d be able to give anybody a 10.”

I feel like I may be below a 5 right now.

”No, if you were to go and shave off the bottom part (beard), I’d give you at least a 5.5. Because part of having a mustache is the confidence. So if you have a mustache, that means you’re confident. That’s at least a 5.”

What your daily diet/nutrition? Do you have a specific bar you set?

”No. I mean in the morning, I usually just get a scramble or something. It was recently Halloween, so I had a lot of candy at home.”

Favorite Halloween candy?

”My top two are probably Reese’s and Kit Kats, and I like to eat them together, actually. I put a Reese’s on top of the Kit Kat.”

I was thinking the opposite order. Like a Kit Kat sandwich.

”That’s too much crunch. Let’s say you have a fun-sized Kit Kat and you had like a normal Reese’s, that’s probably the perfect ratio of crunch to peanut butter.”

Really painting a picture here.

”Or not fun-sized. I don’t know what that’s called. It can’t be fun-sized. It’s in like a package of two. Not the typical four, but it’s in a package of two, and it’s cut maybe in by a third. Like a third of it is chopped off. I don’t know that’s fun-sized or not, but I want to make sure it’s not---because I’ve seen some packaging where it’s just one singular one, and it’s just a little thicker, but it’s very short. That’s not what I’m talking about. It needs to have two sticks and they need to be the length of your pinky, depending how long your pinky is.

Alright, we’re past that.”

For wings: Ranch or bleu cheese?

”I actually go neither. I would rather go with carrots and celery. I’m not a big sauce guy.”

You don’t dip the veggies in either?


What’s your typical wing order?

”Well I usually go boneless wings and this causes a lot of issues, and I’m aware of that, but I’m mature enough to own up to it. Usually, I like to get two different sauces. I usually will go with a buffalo and then either like a barbecue or maybe more of a sweet red chili type of sauce. I don’t know, it depends on the mood, how I’m feeling.”