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Ask a Lion: The secretive Da’Shawn Hand gives lasagna tips, restaurant recommendations

Da’Shawn Hand answers your questions!

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He’s only been with the team for a year and a half, but Detroit Lions defensive end Da’Shawn Hand has already established himself as one of the more interesting characters in the Lions locker room. That immediately made him one of the first few Lions players I wanted to get involved in “Ask A Lion,” a new segment this year in which I ask players the questions you want to ask.

As many already know, Hand loves talking about food, so it’s no surprise that many quetsions were on that topic.

So without further ado, here’s Da’Shawn Hand’s “Ask A Lion.”

You have to get rid of one forever: Peanut butter or jelly?

”Jelly. You can do more things with peanut butter. Put bananas with it. You can mix it with like fluff. Some people dip celery---I don’t do that, personally. You can dip apples in it, you know what I mean. So definitely jelly could go.

Favorite Jelly?

”Strawberry. Oh, come on. Can’t go wrong with that.”

You like to cook a lot. What is your signature meal?

”Homemade lasagna.”

What’s the key to homemade lasagna?

”The sauce.”


”No, I usually get a specific brand, which I’m not going to put out there. No, but you definitely got to go to a Whole Foods Market. Somewhere where they’ve got some quality, good stuff. Then I add my own stuff to it.”

What kind of flavor? Do you go tomato basil or three cheese?

”One, definitely got to have some cheeses, different type of cheeses. Two, it just depends upon your seasoning blend. Of course—I will tell you this—you definitely need to dice up some onions, peppers, and definitely a little bit of red cayenne pepper. That’s all I can tell you.”

What’s your game-day meals?

”Well last year, I would get Wingstop every weekend.

Oh, you have to tell me your wingstop order.

”Louisiana rub, 10 piece no fries, extra crispy, majority drums and ranch.

No lemon pepper?

”Everybody gets the lemon pepper, I’m not a big on—I’ll eat it, but I gotta go Louisiana rub. Got that little spicy kick to it.

What about this year?

”Now I’m kind of just random with it. Whatever it is I’m looking for.”

Have you learned the game Euchre?

”No, no. I haven’t been informed of that culture yet (laughs).”

Sandlot or The Mighty Ducks?

”Oooh, Sandlot. Easy. Without a doubt.”

Were you big into baseball as a kid?

”No, but I just like The Sandlot. I grew up watching it. Awww, that dog and, aw yeah, come on, man.”

I know you’ll play either, but which do you like more: Lining up inside or outside?

”It don’t matter. The difference is when you’re in the inside, the action is right now. When you’re in the outside, it’s more of like, you gotta set it up and you do what you do.”

What do you want more: An interception or strip sack?

”Oh man. Awwww, that’s hard. You know what? Because it’s a part of my job to get sacks, I would definitely want a pick-six. Like pick-six is something that’s not in my—like, you could do it, but it’s not really part of my job description. I’m supposed to go sack the quarterback.

Gettin’ a pick though? Oh yeah. Oh man, and if I juke a couple people out, too. Come on, man.”

Have you ever had a pick?

“No... no. I’ve caused a lot of picks. I’ve got a whole bunch of forced fumbles, recoveries. Never a pick, though.”

How about a touchdown?

”I’ve had a touchdown in high school.”

Best Michigan food you’ve eaten.

”Crap. Oooh, that’s tough. Depends on what I’m in the mood for.”

Do you have a meal that just blew you away?

”There’s a spot called LeCulture (Cafe). Oh man, talking about like different flavors. It’s definitely up there.”

What did you get there?

”It was mashed potatoes, salmon and crab and a whole bunch of different seafoods, shrimp on top.”

*Pulls up this instagram picture*

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Salmon Tower remains King

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”Salmon tower. There we go. Lobster. Lobster claws. I’m telling you. LeCulture is definitely the move.”

Any hidden talents?

”I’m going to keep them hidden.”

You like being mysterious, don’t you?

”Yeah, mmhmm, most definitely.”

If not football, what would you be doing?

“I would probably be doing something with engineering. Some type of architectural design.”

Did you take classes for that?

”Yeah, I did in college, but I was definitely into that. I was in an engineering program in high school, doing robotic competitions and stuff like that in high school. So, it was cool.

What place or team do you like to play the most?

”All of them.”

Favorite venue?

”Nah it’s too early. I haven’t even played in all of them yet.”

Looking forward to playing in any?

”No. I’m just kind of enjoying the process as it comes”.

As long as it has grass.

”There we go. As long as I can play.”

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