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Washington fans even more depressed than Lions fans

Don’t say it can only go up for the Lions. There is plenty room at the bottom cleared out by Washington.

NFL: NOV 03 Redskins at Bills Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you thought things were bad for the Detroit Lions, look no further than Washington for an example of how things could get worse... much worse.

Washington owner Dan Snyder has been the target of criticism for decades now, and only some of it is actually football related. We’ll keep it to that, for the moment, and you can see why he’s been so derided over the years. This team has had double-digit wins just once since 2006. In the past 14 seasons, they’ve finished third or last in the NFC East 12 times. They haven’t had a consistent quarterback since Joe Theismann, and they’ve made the playoffs just five times in the past 26 years.

Of course, Snyder has only owned the team since 1999, so it’s not all on him, but at 1-9 and almost guaranteed to have a top-five pick this year, things are nearly rock bottom for this franchise.

And while Lions fans are bumming pretty hard right now, seeing as their trending arrow seems to be pointing down, just look at where Washington has been from the beginning:

From the beginning of the year, Washington fans knew this team was going to suck, and week by week the team has proven them right.

Think about this. Washington finished the 2018 season 7-9, a win better than the Lions. Yet after free agency, the Lions fan confidence was in the 80s while Washington didn’t even crack 20. Of course, some of that likely has to do with Washington taking a 6-3 record and spoiling it by losing six of the final seven games. But, still, this is a level of self-loathing Lions fans can still aspire to. When the offseason doesn’t even provide that much optimism, you know your fanbase is broken.

Of course, one of the teams will come out of Week 12 with a win, sending a small portion of a fanbase into mild optimism and the grand majority of the other fanbase into further despair.