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Does Patricia deserve a third year of coaching the Lions?

Also on PODcast this week: Was this the best game the Lions have played this month? Does that even matter? Can the Lions get Chase Young now?

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Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The future is on just before Thanksgiving, and the timelines are bleak.

The Detroit Lions have plenty of hard, correct choices to make before the post-Super Bowl reordering bonanza, and questions remain as to how this team will navigate such issues to arrive in playoff land.

The ask of a massive win delta with a coach who now has a record to rival Steve Mariucci is tall. One might argue that any good coach needs a third year to turn things around. Some would argue that the ticking clock on Matthew Stafford puts an urgency to finish this era of Lions football with the best possible staff, brought in as soon as possible.

We can only speculate and make our own opinions known, but speculate is what we’re good at on the Pride Of Detroit PODcast.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Reaction to the Washington game. Bo Scarbrough looked good and yet so close to breaking 100 yards. Driskel’s star fades.
  • Jeremy argues that this was the best statistical game the Lions have played all season. I argue about the art of closing out a game, and believe it’s more important.
  • A question of coaching. Stability is good for coaching, and time is often required. But in this case, does a third year even need to happen? And more to the point, will it happen? Will anything change this season?
  • The Lions move heavily up the draft order, only a game and a half away from the no. 2 spot, if all things go well. Is it time to maybe, just maybe, consider Chase Young? Is it time to watch him on Saturday vs. Michigan to see just how good he could be?
  • The dreaded question about trading up to maybe get Young, and what that would cost... and, the realistic possibility of getting that high in the draft order.
  • More fast food to ticket comparisons.
  • Mailbag opens up with some hard hitters about celebrity, more Kaepernick questions and whether the Thanksgiving game is important to watch.