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The Detroit Lions can be mathematically eliminated from playoffs on Thanksgiving

Here are 3 ways the Lions’ playoff chances could officially reach 0% in Week 13.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

While the Detroit Lions’ playoff hopes have long since died in the midst of their current streak of seven losses in eight game, they are still technically mathematically alive in the playoff hunt.

However, that can all change in Week 13. Three different scenarios can happen to make it absolutely, positively, undeniably impossible for Detroit to make the postseason.

Media executive Joe Ferreira broke down the three scenarios on Twitter:

  1. The Lions lose to the Chicago Bears
  2. The Lions tie, while the Vikings tie or beat the Seahawks on Monday night
  3. Vikings beat the Seahawks AND the Packers tie or beat the Giants on Sunday

To avoid playoff elimination, the Lions will have to win on Thursday AND have either the Seahawks or Giants win or tie in Week 13. Detroit can also stay alive if they tie Chicago, as long as Seattle beats Minnesota.

So while most of us have already started consuming draft coverage for 2020, there’s a good chance even the most obsessive people still tinkering with the Playoff Machine can finally give it a rest before December even gets here.