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Detroit Lions Unsung Hero of the Week: Quarterbacks come in clutch

Quarterbacks on both sides of Sunday’s game earned unsung hero of the week.

Detroit Lions v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Lions suffered arguably the most embarrassing loss of the season Sunday against Washington, faltering at the hands of a rookie quarterback and interim coach with only a single win to show on the season heading into the matchup.

Unsung hero of the week: Dwayne Haskins and Logan Thomas

The Lions lost seemingly in spite of Dwayne Haskins’ best efforts. Haskins posted a Mitchell Trubisky-esque stat line, going 13-of-29 (you read that right) for 156 yards and an interception. That’s not a winning statline.

The most notable passes of the day weren’t the ones Haskins completed, but rather the ones he didn’t. Haskins overthrew at least two surefire touchdowns on the day and let a few other potential big gains sail over his receivers. He looked jittery and uncomfortable on the field, keeping the Lions in the game for much longer than they should’ve been.

Rookie receiver Terry McLaurin played lights out, beating All-Pro corner Darius Slay on several of those missed throws. Had Hasking simply connected with his former college teammate on them, the game would’ve gotten out of hand for the Lions very quickly. Instead, we found ourselves watching inside of two minutes and praying it didn’t go to overtime.

On the Lions side of the ball, quarterback-turned-tight-end Logan Thomas simply continued to work like a well-oiled machine, living up to his contract and getting the simple things done—something this failure of a season has made rare.

Thomas only had two catches for 24 yards but each kept drives alive. Like with Haskins, it wasn’t the completions that got him this award. Thomas seems to have moved up above Jesse James (who’s getting paid almost 10 times more than Thomas) on the depth chart and has proven himself serviceable in run blocking and on special teams.

Thomas’ use as a quarterback decoy on special teams is uncanny, and I’m sure the Lions will actually run a play out of the formation sooner or later. Likewise, given Jeff Driskel’s appearance on the injury report this week it is possible Thomas’ versatility comes in handy.

Haskins kept the game close Sunday, and Thomas should be appreciated for continuing to do the little things right. The quarterback and former quarterback kept the Lions in it for much longer than they should’ve been, feeding Lions fans the one thing they crave on Sundays: hope.