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Ford Field guide to Thanksgiving Day food items

A full guide to the best Ford Field offerings this Thanksgiving.

For this year’s Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day Classic, Ford Field is transforming their concessions for the holiday. And unlike last year’s Thanksgiving pizza—which was more novelty and available only to select seating—this year’s menu is more about offering traditional flavors and are available to anyone attending the game.

I was lucky enough to sample some of these menu offerings this week, so I’ll give you a rundown of what will be available on Thursday, and my personal thoughts on each food.

Traditional Smoked Turkey Leg

Where is it?

Located in general concessions across Ford Field

What’s it come with?

A side of homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce.

How does it taste?

Like meat. It’s a simple dish and gives you just what you’re looking for. There’s nothing special about it, necessarily, but there doesn’t need to be. It’s a big chunk of meat, and that is rightfully good enough for most people.

Thanksgiving Day loaded potatoes

Where is it?

At the Mitten Mash Stand in Section 119

What comes with it?

A potato of your choosing (baked, mashed, or sweet) is filled with smoked turkey, homemade gravy, cranberry sauce aioli, roasted stuffing and cornbread crumbles

How does it taste?

Like a typical Thanksgiving Day plate. It’s a neat way to stuff in everything you’d expect from a Thanksgiving Day meal into one dish. I tried the sweet potato variety, and while it was tasty, I think I’d recommend the baked or mashed varieties to keep it more Thanksgiving authentic.

Smoked Turkey Loaded Fry

Where is it?

The Crown Royal Corner Bar and Grille in Section 224

What comes with it?

Roasted garlic gravy, crispy cornbread stuffing, cranberry aioli, topped with fried onions.

How it taste?

This was the best thing on the menu, without a doubt. The crispy cornbread stuffing was the special ingredient here and really made the entire meal pop. Much like the stuffed potato, this is supposed to mimic the entire Thanksgiving meal, and it pulls it off a little better, in my opinion. If you can, get this.

Grilled turkey burger

Where is it?

Bud Light Party Zone in Section 239 — Gate B

What comes with it?

Turkey burger with fresh apples, herbs, barbecue aioli, bacon on a toasted pretzel bun. Also comes with potato chips.

How does it taste?

Unfortunately, I didn’t try this, but it did get rave reviews from the media room. The pretzel bun looked especially appetizing.


Because we are professionals, we didn’t imbibe in any of the specialty adult drinks that will be available on Thursday, but here’s a quick recap of the two offerings.

Thanksgiving Crangria

Roscato wine and cranberry juice garnished with an orange wedge. Available at all premium and concession bars throughout Ford Field.

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout

Part of Ford Field’s “Beer of the Game” rotating selection. Available near section 125.