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Setting the feast for Lions-Bears and the shared agony of two falling stars

First Byte welcomes in Jonas Knox and Robert Zeglinski to talk about Bears and Lions.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Family can be thoroughly annoying, which is why I suppose someone decided to put football on Thanksgiving.

Rather than attempt to work through the bonds of blood and brothers and sisters, it’s easier to retreat, anti-socialize and rejoice in bloodsport. For over 80 years now, the Detroit Lions have sought to provide this service to the individual, and the Chicago Bears have been there from the beginning as well.

It’s a bond of hatred, neglect at times, furious proximity and plenty of denial. But it feels pretty correct when these two teams clash and one gets to swipe that leg of turkey. Dark meat was always better anyway.

This week, we had a double-booked show. Fox Sports Radio’s Jonas Knox joins the PODcast for the first time. Jonas had family from Illinois and has a deep knowledge of Chicago sports, but knows the NFL from a national scene like a pro. He’s here to bring his own observations on both teams as they slip into oblivion, each grasping to figure out their immediate futures.

Saying any more would ruin his introduction. He’s bringing the punches and giving some comfort to you, Lions fan. He knows your pain and offers truth.

Then Robert Zeglinski shows up again, rants about Mitchell Trubisky and then tries to make me mad and get really passive-aggressive (or maybe he’s not, he’s really messing with my head). We also do a short, unofficial LISTCAST with Thanksgiving dishes in order to finally dethrone fruit salad.

If you don’t see the podcast above, click here.