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Detroit Lions vs. Oakland Raiders Week 9 stock report

An overall bad showing from the coaches.

Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders were favored by only three points coming into this game so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the game was as tightly contested as it was. The game overall was a frustrating one, not only for the eventual outcome of a loss but due to some truly marvelous moments being matched by what can only be referred to as abject stupidity in others. The team drops to 3-4-1 on the year, but we’re still looking at our weekly stock report to see who impressed and who did not this week.

Stock Up: JD McKissic, RB

The first half was a rough one for McKissic. A lost fumble took points off the board and the Raiders were able to march down and score points on their own making it a very costly turnover indeed. The second half would be a whole different story for JD McKissic, however, and while four rushes for 32 on the ground is nice, and three-for-40 in the receiving game is also a bonus, it isn’t as impressive as the actual on field product. Timely, cunning runs and catches to move the chains to put points on the board were needed badly and McKissic delivered when needed.

Stock Down: Christian Jones, LB

Signed to an extension this week, Christian Jones put on a clinic in how to define buyer’s remorse. Playing his worst football of his career, the extension had many scratching their heads, but our confusion as fans paled in comparison to the confusion that Christian Jones, Lions linebacker, showed on the field whenever the ball was in the hands of the opposing quarterback. It’s like there was a switch that just went off as soon as the ball was hiked and Jones was lost in a haze of dollar signs and job security. This was his worst game as a pro, and it’s hard to fathom what the Lions saw in Jones before this to warrant an extension he certainly would not have received if they had waited a week.

Stock Up: Marvin Jones, WR

Jones has been fantastic in 2019, so performances like these shouldn’t seem all that surprising. Still, when he’s on he is really, really on and this was a game that makes Marvin fun to watch. He seemed completely uncoverable at times, and while Kenny Golladay’s stat line looks a little more impressive due to a couple long catches, Marvin Jones commanded one of out of every four Matthew Stafford passes and caught eight of them to move the offense.

Stock Down: Darrell Bevell, Offensive Coordinator

Now, I know what you’re thinking. But Kent, the defense was so much worse than the offense in this one! Yes, it was, and I’ll get to that in the coaching section as usual, but I have a bone to pick. This game had some truly spectacular play design and play calling from Darrell Bevell. Mostly in the first half, the scheming open of T.J. Hockenson on a crosser was excellent and each receiving touchdown was flawless design and execution. We got to see it again very briefly in the second half, but for the most part we saw someone who just couldn’t figure out how to score inside the red zone. It’s frustrating because we know what Bevell CAN do, but he does it only at times that don’t seem to matter that much and does things like calling back-to-back passes to 3rd string tight end Logan Thomas on 3rd and 4th down and goal at the end of a game. What could be worse than that? How about pulling Marvin Jones AND Kenny Golladay off the field for that fourth down play as well.

Stock Up: Trey Flowers, DE

Flowers has improved every week he has played this year and this was another strong showing. It’s a shame there wasn’t more effort from the rest of the line, the linebackers, or the defensive scheme to actually capitalize on the play he was putting out there. I can only imagine that the plan from Matt Patricia’s perspective was to sign Trey Flowers, do nothing else to improve the pass rush, and hope that he could just carry everything. He’s trying his damnedest to do just that, and while it’s not working from a team perspective he can’t be blamed for it. Flowers was the first to sack Derek Carr since September 29th.

Stock Down: Justin Coleman, CB

It seemed like for a while Justin Coleman was in coverage on every pass that was completed that wasn’t targeting Christian Jones. This is in part due to the solid play of Darius Slay and Rashaan Melvin, which I’ll get to, but Coleman was seemingly always one step behind. There’s a small schematic element to this in how Patricia telegraphs man coverage and how easily the Raiders exposed it by putting Coleman’s man in motion, but you’re supposed to win your manned up situations and Coleman didn’t. Coleman did make a few nice plays in this game, but overall I think it was a poor showing.

Quick Hits

Stock Up

Matthew Stafford, QB: Stafford put up another 350+ passing day, notching 406 yards and three touchdowns. Not perfect, but a good day nonetheless.

Ty Johnson, RB: Johnson’s stat line isn’t going to show it, but this was an improvement from previous efforts. Still needs to work on his vision, and he doesn’t look nearly as fast as he’s billed, but many of his issues in this game weren’t caused by him.

Paul Perkins, RB: I don’t expect Perkins to last on the roster, but he managed a single, good run in this one for 13 yards and that’s better than anything else he’s shown as a Lion.

Kenny Golladay, WR: As mentioned before, Goladay had himself a day. He’s a beast to cover. He did finally get outmuscled for one in the end zone, but that was just a great defensive play.

T.J. Hockenson, TE: Hockenson started off slow, as he has of late, but inside screens to a tight end are usually lost plays instead of long first downs.

Jahlani Tavai, LB: Tavai didn’t have a great day. He made a few mistakes, primarily in taking the wrong gaps, but he didn’t look as bad as the three other starting linebackers.

Damon Harrison, NT: The stat sheet is going to make it look like Harrison struggled, but the run game woes were largely a team effort, while Harrison looks closer to what we had in 2018.

Rashaan Melvin, CB: Melvin didn’t look great, though he had one beautiful play, but he was so bad last week that the fact we barely noticed him is a huge jump up.

Rick Wagner, RT: Wagner didn’t look bad. Granted, this is against one of the most anemic pass rush attacks in the league, but still.

C.J. Moore, ST: Moore was absolutely shredded for what ended up being a very shrewd special teams play where he got pushed out of bounds then didn’t touch the football as it bounced near the goal line.

Sam Martin, P: Proof of how the stat sheet can lie, look no further than Martin putting a punt beautifully at the 1 yard line only to have his gunner get pushed out of bounds, not be able to down the ball, and have it be a touchback.

Kenny Wiggins, OG: Love him or hate him, hate the IOL rotation or despite it, Kenny Wiggins played well enough in this game to give it some legs.

Stock Down

Danny Amendola, WR: Amendola went down with an injury after marginal production. Waiting to see what the severity is, but with his history of injuries it’s always concerning.

Jesse James, TE: I think we’ve reached the point of the season where we can call the Jesse James signing what it is. A mistake.

Christian Jones, LB: And another thing, if Jones didn’t give up every pass thrown to a linebacker in this game, that’s only because Jarrad Davis also exists (and was better in coverage in this game despite being poor).

Tavon Wilson, SS: Wilson almost made the play of a game, nearly picking off Derek Carr while the Raiders were threatening to score a touchdown. Which he then gave up.

Jarrad Davis, LB: Davis had a really nice play to open the game as a blitzer and a single nice coverage snap that he broke up well. Everything else was awful in this one. The fact he had two nice plays is the only reason the bad write up was Jones (who had 0) instead of Davis.

Devon Kennard, LB: Kennard... I like to think of opening week when Kennard had 3.0 sacks and looked like a force. Eight weeks later and he still has 3.0 sacks and looks terrible.

A’Shawn Robinson, DT: Once upon a month or so ago, Robinson looked like he was headed to a Pro Bowl. Now I’m not sure where he’s headed. Probably not Detroit, though.

Taylor Decker, OT: Barring a huge resurgence to end the season, the Lions are likely looking to fix one or both tackle spots in 2019 based on performances like this one.

Logan Thomas, TE: The lights were bright, the pressure on, and Logan Thomas simply shrank.


Matt Patricia, Head Coach: Stock Down

There is one nice thing I have to point out. Matt Patricia called a timeout to avoid a penalty for 12 men on the field being called. Obviously being in that situation isn’t great, but it’s probably his best use of a timeout ever. Outside of that, the defensive design and play calling in this game was absolutely atrocious. From nearly start to finish, this defense was completely unprepared and unyielding in it’s inability to adjust to what they were given from the opposing offense. Paul Pasqualoni, who I’ve credited with design only, is basically just a yes man for Matt Patricia and there’s no excuse for this defense looking this bad against these opponents.

Paul Pasqualoni, Defensive Coordinator: Stock Down

Pasqualoni’s team can’t cover anything from the linebacker position. They can’t deal with an inside rush. They can’t deal with an outside rush. Their defensive identity can be summed up solely with the word “BAD” and I don’t just mean that they’re bad. I mean that they’re bad in all caps, bolded, italicized, in quotation marks. I’m sure you can find a thousand gifs using just the word bad and they can all be used to describe what Paul Pasqualoni has brought to this team. In fact, please do just that. I’m curious as to how many we can find.

John Bonamego, ST Coordinator: Stock Up

The fake punt caught his unit completely off guard, so this might seem like a controversial choice to have up. However, there’s a lot more to it than that. This unit started the year in terrible shape, to the point we were talking about this dude being the first guy booted. Seeing C.J. Moore, an undrafted rookie who’s only role on the Lions is on special teams, smartly avoid touching a football after being ran out of bounds and trying to communicate that to the rest of his unit tells me that John Bonamego has done some excellent coaching with this unit. They actually rated as one of the best in the NFL coming into the day and even with the big gaffe they probably left this one still rated very highly.