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PODcast (and the Lions) struggle to climb out of the black hole

You do need eyes to see this Lions team, but does it really help?

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Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

You know, Sam Neill once fell into a black hole.

I think it was a movie; reality is often strained in the current century so I can’t be for certain. But he grinned loudly with shining teeth and told us that we don’t need eyes to see. As with all things, he was probably talking about the Detroit Lions.

After a brutal but close loss to the Oakland Raiders, mood is on the down-low in Detroit. Back in the losing column, the Lions don’t have many answers on how they can possibly make the NFL playoffs with this second half of football ahead of them.

We also break down a key hypothetical question which illuminates faith in the coaching staff to make late game decisions properly, and more depressing things. It’s a full-bodied, clear-eyed podcast that maybe sets some minds at ease and paints a picture forward. Or maybe we’re just all shouting into a singularity.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Hurk
  • The Lions delayed the inevitable for long enough. Jeremy explains how this result doesn’t bum him out.
  • We discuss failings of the offense... and to be fair to the Lions offense, it’s only because the defense is so woeful that it’s hard to find even an entry angle into that universe of suck.
  • More rants, more flailing and the release of humors and bile.
  • It was Marvin Jones Day and it wasn’t very happy in spite of it all.
  • A hypothetical question that should illuminate the disconnect between what is good football strategy, what fans hope out of this Lions team and the current coaching philosophies of the Detroit Lions and how those all have fallen into a jagged relationship.
  • What do the Lions do now anyway?
  • A bleak look at how certain units could be stripped away and need to be rebuilt before the beginning of next season. It’s hungry times again in Detroit.