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NFC North Week 9 recap: Lions fail to capitalize on divisional rival’s failures

The NFC North goes 0-4.

Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Minnesota loses on late field goal, 26-23

With or without their superstar quarterback, the Kansas City Chiefs are the real deal and present a problem to any team in their way. The Vikings had to find this out the hard way on the road by losing on a last second field goal.

The Chiefs did a great job of stymieing Minnesota’s rushing attack, which forced Kirk Cousins to take matters into his own hands. Cousins finished the game with a paltry 5.8 yards per attempt and completed only half of his passes.

Must be nice to have a defense that can force a QB to move their feet.

Speaking of defense, the Vikings continue to struggle in that area and were gashed on the ground by the Chiefs for 147 yards and a touchdown on only 18 carries. Matt Moore also looks pretty good stepping in for Mahomes, which I don’t think anyone would have expected. I guess good coaching fixes everything.

Losing to the Chiefs comes as a big blow for the Vikings who have a pretty tough remaining schedule ahead of them.

Next game: @ Cowboys (4-3)

Bears mount late comeback but fall short to the Eagles, 22-14

Somehow, Mitchell Trubisky is even worse than all of his detractors thought. Just minutes before the half ended, the Chicago offense were on pace to head into the locker room with negative total yardage on offense before leading a quick 5 play, 34-yard drive ending in no points.

The Eagles basically dominated the Bears on all phases and still almost blew the game due to Chicago’s defense keeping them in games that they have no right to be in.

The Bears have been the most boring and predictable team to write about because the story hasn’t changed at all week-to-week. Abysmal offense, good defense. Every. Single. Week.

Their schedule doesn’t get much easier from here and at 3-5, they might even lose out playing the way they’ve been playing. We can only pray that the Lions can pull out the broomstick against a damaged Chicago Bears squad. You really can never count on it with the Lions, though.

Next game: vs. Lions (3-4-1)

Packers lose in stunning fashion to Chargers, 26-11

Holy hell, this could have been a perfect week for the Lions. I don’t think anyone would have thought that all three NFC North rivals would lose this week, and this came comes as the most surprising. It was hard to play close attention to this one with the Lions playing in the same time slot, but as the Packers were completely blowing it in LA, it made me want the Lions to win even more.

Of course, as Lions fans, we are allergic to happiness and that didn’t happen.

Somehow, the Chargers were able to hold Aaron Rodgers to just 161 passing yards on 35 attempts, and they also held Aaron Jones to just 30 rushing yards. The Packers turned the ball over zero times and only committed eight penalties for 45 yards. I’m still trying to figure this one out.

Shout out to the Chargers for handing Green Bay their first loss since Week 4. They played well on all phases and sort of kept their season alive.

As for the Packers, I don’t really think they have too much to worry about just yet.

Next game: vs. Panthers (5-3)

NFC North Week 10 Standings

1. Green Bay Packers (7-2)
2. Minnesota Vikings (6-3)
3. Detroit Lions (3-4-1)
4. Chicago Bears (3-5)

The Lions aren’t out of playoff contention just yet (but come on, let’s be real, they’re kinda out). They’d probably have to go 7-1 or 6-2 if they’re lucky to have any hope at making a wild card birth. For now, until they clean things up on defense, it feels safe to say that we’ll have to wait at least another year for a playoff win.

At least we’re not in last!