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Tuesday open thread: Are the Lions’ playoff hopes dead?

Once lovable losers, these Lions have different aspirations. Is there time for Detroit to right the ship in 2019?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s only halfway into their schedule, but the Detroit Lions loss on Sunday to the Oakland Raiders was as close to a death-blow to their season as possible. With the team’s record at 3-4-1, the Lions are the Bride from Kill Bill—crawling their way through the wedding chapel after being ambushed and left for dead. It’s going to require punching their way out of a coffin if they hope to show their fanbase they ain’t dead yet.

What a far cry from the discourse surrounding this team just a month ago. They went toe-to-toe with the Kansas City Chiefs, they beat a respectable Philadelphia Eagles team on the road, and they only lost to the Green Bay Packers because they couldn’t capitalize on any of the fortuitous pieces of field position they were gifted after turnovers were jobbed by the officials.

And now? In the midst of where their schedule “opened up,” they landed in Oakland only to get openly dominated by a mediocre Raiders offense? Quite the turn of events.

Which leads us to today’s Question of the Day:

Are the Lions playoff hopes dead?

If you’re anything like the average inhabitant of Lions Twitter, you’re probably already looking forward to the draft, scanning over lists of 2020’s free agent possibilities, maybe even taking stock of who the team has in house who’s worth keeping—and those who the team wouldn’t be worse for letting go.

If you’ve given up hope for the Lions to play meaningful football come December, then so be it. But I’m here to offer a different perspective. The 2019 season for the Detroit Lions isn’t quite over yet.

Sure, it’s on life support, but heading into last week’s matchup with the Raiders, I felt that if the Lions came out of a three-game stretch of Oakland, Chicago, and Dallas with a 2-1 record, they’d still be set up to have a puncher’s chance at a wild card spot. Of course, that feat became all that more difficult after dropping Sunday’s game, but technically it’s still attainable, so I’m sticking with it.

Your turn.


Are the Lions playoff hopes dead?

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