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Lions vs. Bears Week 10 preview: 5 Qs with Windy City Gridiron

Getting to know the bad guys

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Here’s the game everyone has been looking forward to all season. Lions fans are either going to rejoice in bringing back the #WeOwnTheBears thing or they’re going to eat crow like it’s going out of style. I am terrified of the latter.

Anyhow. It’s Week 10 and it’s time to play the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. We can’t figure out what’s going on with this team. So we asked Patti Curl of Windy City Gridiron to please explain. First, as always, let me tell you what I know about this team.

I don’t know much. I just know that this team is from the same city that Kanye’s crazy ass is from and that I passed out from heat exhaustion in front of the monkey cage at their zoo when I was in high school. I also know that the Lions have won nine of the last 12 meetings between these two teams. Up until last season, the Lions had won three straight. We’ll soon see if the Bears’ wins last season were flukes. Let’s turn it over to Patti now for her thoughts.

What is going on with Mitchell Trubisky?

“What’s happening with Trubisky is definitely in his head, and it’s definitely the worst at the beginning of games. He’s hesitant. He misses open receivers both by failing to throw the ball to them and failing to throw the ball to them. He’s holding on to the ball too long, scrambling in place, and taking unnecessary sacks. He’s sometimes throwing with bad mechanics and sometimes throwing bad balls with good mechanics.

Even in his best statistical game against Washington, his first five or so completions were all poorly-placed balls. He usually has at least a couple of good drives in the second half, sometimes when the game is out of reach and sometimes when he has a chance for a game-winning drive. He seems to only be able to perform when the pressure is high or exceedingly low. Ultimately, I think he’s having a crisis of confidence, and honestly, I don’t know if he’s going to get out of it.”

The Bears defense has seem to have regressed this year. What’s behind that regression?

“It definitely starts with the offense. The defense is getting off the field for three downs at a time, and often put in bad field position. Additionally, defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano’s defensive strategy is more aggressive and more effective when they are playing with a lead. It’s harder to force an opponent to make mistakes when they’re up by two scores and don’t fear your offense. Beyond that, losing Akiem Hicks has had a bigger effect than most people acknowledge. The Bears went from a good run defense to a bad one, and have struggled more to get pressure in the passing game.”

In a war between Italian beef and deep dish pizza, who wins and why is it Italian beef?

“Hmm, interesting scenario. If Italian beef wins, I suppose it would be because all the deep dish pizza got eaten and there was none left to fight. Because, like, deep dish pizza actually tastes good.”

Who’s the under the radar player Lions fans should be worried about?

“If a Bear surprises you with a big game, my guess would be Roy Robertson-Harris. He’s a third year undrafted defensive end who has a knack for getting pressure and started the year with a great game against our mutual-enemy Packers. A lot of us were excited about his prospects this season before we stopped being excited about anything.”

Who’s winning this thing?

“I’m not one to pick against my team, so I have to say the Bears. I’ll guess the Lions go up three scores early and that tricks Trubisky into thinking he’s in garbage time and he inadvertently leads a comeback victory. Final score 28 - 24 Bears.”

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