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The Detroit Lions’ ‘sell the team’ problem

The Lions continue to crater as the heat turns up on Patricia

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NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The good/bad news is that it’s almost over.

Soon enough the Lions season will be mercifully put out of its misery, and all sorts of manner of answers and frights will occur in the offseason. For now, PODcast sifts the remaining embers, looking for something that still kindles interest.

The fans are fleeing Ford Field and familiar old chants are resounding. We’ve got work to do, so settle in for another award-winning edition of the Pride of Detroit PODcast, here to keep you warm and fuzzy in these dark holiday times.

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This week on the PODcast

  • So I heard you like tanking.
  • Draft watch continues, although not much help occurred this week for the Lions. That said, apocalyptic matchups are now set and the Lions are all but guaranteed to move up in the draft order so long as they lose out.
  • The moment where I woke up from a nap and felt existential dread regarding this Buccaneers/Lions game.
  • Audible Dong made an appearance again which was kind of it.
  • The crowd at Ford Field has gotten very, very thin.
  • “Sell the Team” returns to Ford Field, and it seems to have annoyed Jeremy quite a bit. We discuss why this thing doesn’t seem to go away (and why it won’t change much anyway if it did happen).
  • Matt Patricia’s winning record falls below that of Steve Mariucci. The argument for a third year is becoming harder and harder to warrant.
  • And now he wants to maybe bring back Matthew Stafford and/or Kerryon Johnson before the end of the year? WHY
  • Mailbag ends up talking about food again somehow. Plus: what was the last game where you were checked out on the Lions as you are now?

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