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Debating the pros and cons of the Detroit Lions’ decision to retain Matt Patricia

The PODcast crew breaks down the controversial decision.

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Kansas City Chiefs v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

On Tuesday, the Detroit Lions ended all the speculation and made the polarizing decision to retain both general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia for another year. Fan reaction has certainly been mixed, and it’s easy to see why. People are right to be frustrated. This team’s 9-20-1 record since 2018, when Patricia walked through those doors, is the fifth-worst record in the NFL.

But fans are also right to be hesitant blowing it all up. A lack of stability has sunken other franchises—including the Lions—for decades, and one of the worst mistakes a team can make is giving up on a regime too early. If, somehow, Patricia were to eventually land another head coaching job in the future and succeed, it would be yet another irremovable stain on this franchise.

This news has obviously drawn a lot of emotion out of Lions fans, so we just had to congregate the PODcast for an EMERGENCY SESSION. Chris and I spend 40 minutes debating the merit of this decision and what may come next because of it. We also answer fan questions and speak on the other news of the day: Matthew Stafford finally landing on injured reserve.

Take a listen:

This week on the EMERGENCY PODCAST

  • We give our initial thoughts on Martha Ford’s decision to keep things intact
  • Yeah, that phony Jeff Bezos rumor turned out to be exactly what we all thought: phony.
  • Did Martha Ford give “Quinntricia” an ultimatum? If so, could that potentially lead to hasty roster decisions to get immediate results?
  • The timing of Stafford being put on IR—literally an hour after Patricia’s job was secure—is funny, but probably doesn’t mean anything.
  • Answering fan questions: What do the Lions have to do in 2020 to make this decision a good one?

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