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Notes: Golladay caught TD pass against all AFC opponents this season

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A fun little Kenny G factoid from 2019.

Detroit Lions v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

‘Tis the (time of the) season for fun little facts in an otherwise, well, bleak season.

According to the Lions, Kenny Golladay has caught a touchdown pass in all four of his games against the AFC this season.

That would be:

The only other person to have more receiving touchdowns against the AFC in a single season is Calvin Johnson in 2011 (6)—also against the AFC West.

Conclusion? Kenny G is dominant against the AFC West.

And onto the rest of your notes.

  • Mike O’Hara with has an interesting take on why year three could be Matt Patricia’s lucky charm, comparing him to five previous Lions head coaches.
  • “This one was for pride, and both teams played with it.” Adam Maya touches on the game for’s What we learned from Sunday’s Week 16 games.
  • Chris Burke with The Athletic explains what a win-now ultimatum means for the Lions’ offseason plans. Subscription required.
  • Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool.
  • On Sunday, Jamal Agnew became the only player in the league to have scored on kick and punt returns this season.
  • “On paper, I loved Lions owner Martha Ford’s tactic in announcing the decisions to stick with GM Bob Quinn and coach Matt Patricia. It lifted the pall over the team and allows the group to lock in for the final two weeks of the season. In practice, Detroit lost to Denver.” Albert Breer touches on the Lions season in this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback.
  • Ever wonder what Ford Field is like after dark? Join T.J. Lang for episode seven of Goin’ Nuts with T.J.: