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Friday open thread: What are your feelings about the regular season coming to an end?

2019 did not go as hope for the Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

This has been a lost season. No matter how you spin it, 2019 has not gone anywhere close to as planned for the Detroit Lions. It was always going to be an uphill battle for this team, but if a few things went the right away, there was a chance for the Lions to compete for a playoff spot and maybe a division title. At the very least, some of the younger pieces on the roster would have the chance to improve.

A quick 2-0-1 start followed by two close losses made it seem like some of those optimistic predictions would be accurate, but as we all know, that was simply not the case. The losses kept on coming, and a whole host of injuries took out any small chance the Lions had of being competitive this season.

So now we reach the final game of the year. With nothing to play for except a draft spot or two, Detroit faces yet another uphill battle this offseason. For fans, the feeling is not great either, with more question marks existing than just four months ago.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

What are your feelings about the regular season coming to an end?

My answer: My expectations were never high for 2019. I was one of the few who expected this team to finish under .500, and while the actual results are worse than even I thought they would be, the overall ending to this year is not a huge shocker. The Lions have many issues and this is what happens to incomplete rosters.

After this Sunday I will feel relieved. This team has been dead for almost two months, and the end of the season is a long-awaited mercy kill. The other emotion I am wrestling with is apathy, as it kind of feels like the 2019 NFL season has been over for a while now, at least in Detroit.

Maybe you see it differently. The end of the year is sad to many fans, even when the home team is struggling. Or maybe you are excited, anticipating some electric matchups in the playoffs this year. With the Lions out of the way, at least we can all watch some quality football together in January.

Your turn.

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