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Ask A Lion: Tracy Walker loves Space Jam, Sean Taylor and English Bulldogs

Tracy Walker answered your fan questions!

Los Angeles Chargers v Detroit Lions Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Our final installment of Ask A Lion is here. To conclude the series in 2019, I caught up with Detroit Lions safety Tracy Walker, who has emerged as a leader and a strength on the Lions’ defense.

In terms of his relationship with the media, too, we’ve seen a ton of growth just in one year. At first, he was fairly soft spoken, just kind of repeating company lines and not letting his personality out. But he has been completely different in his second season. Ask any beat writer, and they’ll tell you Walker now exudes confidence and is one of the more entertaining interviews on the team right now.

So with that in mind, here’s our final installment of Ask A Lion, with Tracy Walker.

The Sandlot, Mighty Ducks or Space Jam?

”Space Jam, no question.”

Why Space Jam?

*shows the Space Jam boxers he’s currently wearing*

Were you a big Michael Jordan fan?

”Yes, I’m a huge Michael Jordan fan. Michael Jordan is my favorite player of all time. I grew up playing basketball, and “Space Jam” is my favorite movie. As you can see, I got the “Space Jam” drawers on. “Space Jam” all the way.

Best Doritos flavor?

”Cool Ranch, for sure.”

(Logan Thomas, from a few lockers down): “Spicy Nacho!”

Walker: ”You look like a spicy nacho, dude!”

Would you rather have Iron Man’s suit or Wolverine’s powers?

”Wolverine, all the way. No question, I mean, he can’t be killed. Yeah, I’m going to take my Wolverine powers, for sure.”

What’s the most important lesson you got from Glover Quin?

”Just how to face adversity. Whatever life throws at you, you can always overcome it and don’t never let anything get you too scared, whether it’s on the field or off the field. That’s one of the biggest things he taught me.”

What’s the first album you owned?

”It’d have to be either Rich Homie Quan album or a Gucci Mane album.Gucci Mane, for sure, my first album.

Can you remember which album?

”I wanna say ‘Trap God 2.’ See, I don’t wanna be saying that, but Trap God 2.”

Favorite beverage?

”If I had to go with my everyday drink, without no workout or nothing, it’s going to be Sprite.”

Why did you change your number this year?

Sean Taylor was my favorite football player that played the game. Of course, he passed away, and honestly that was the only number I wanted. I can’t get number 23, because I wore that in college, but Darius (Slay) has that, as you can see. And then 21, I said the only number I would change my number for was 21 if it came open, and it came open, so I didn’t hesitate at all to go at it.”

Favorite Detroit restaurant?

”It would have to be either Wolfgang Puck in the MGM or I would definitely have to say 4 of a Kind Cuisine. It’s a little spot right off of Van Dyke, but it’s really, really good. 4 of a Kind Cuisine, it’s a little soul food spot, so I go there almost every week.

What’s your favorite thing there?

”He cook everything for me, whatever. He makes me lobster, steak and lobster, lobster bites, turkey bites, chicken, whatever you want.”

I have to ask about all of your bulldogs. Are you breeding them or keeping them?

”So, yes, I have five English Bulldogs, and yes, eventually, I will start breeding them, yes. I’m a huge dog lover and my oldest made me gravitate to get another then another one. Then I got two. So then I ended up with five.”

So you’re keeping all five?

”All five are mine. Yep, they’re mine.”

What is it about English Bulldogs?

”Honestly, just how lazy and chill they are. They’re great dogs and they’re so smart. They are man’s best friend. I feel like they’re so compatible. If you don’t want a big dog, you want a nice, chill, relaxing dog that ain’t too much. You don’t gotta work them out, so when I get off work, I don’t gotta go take them on walks. I can walk 10 yards and they’re tired. I love that about them. They’re not high-maintenance dogs, and they’re ugly cute. That’s something me and my wife call them. They’re ugly cute.”

Did you have dogs growing up?

”No, I haven’t.”

So you’re kinda making up for lost time?

”Pretty much, pretty much.”

Any plans this offseason?

”I’m just going to spend time with my wife, and just enjoy time with her, give her a little bit more time. I’ve been busy and when I’m in season, I give it my all. So I ain’t really been giving her that amount of time. So this is where her time and those five dogs, they get all over that.”

Are you like a master dog trainer now?

”I wouldn’t say I’m a master trainer, that’s a little over the top, but I’m a pretty good trainer. My dogs are very smart, and they’re very intelligent. I train them from a young age, so they know a lot.”

Favorite team growing up?

”So, funny story. I grew up a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I grew up Philadelphia everything. Phillies, Sixers, and the reason why growing up—even though I didn’t play football—is because my Grandmom—RIP, she rest in peace, she passed away—but she lived in Philly and she used to always bring me stuff back from Philly. Like Philly hats, Eagles hats or shirts, and so it just naturally grew up on me. And so I was a huge Eagles fan growing up. Still was an Eagles fan until I got drafted here, actually.

Was there any conflicted feelings being an Eagles and Sean Taylor fan?

”Nah, My favorite team was the Eagles, but my favorite player will always be Sean Taylor. He just played the game at a different level. I looked up to that.”

What was your favorite memory of this season?

”There’s a lot of memories. Fuck it, I’m going to say it. My pick against Kyler Murray.

“That was my favorite moment, because I feel like I started the season off the right way. I had worked so hard, going over those first three weeks before that game, I was studying him, so I made it my goal and my objective to go out there and catch a pick on him.”


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