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2019 NFL ‘Bad Lip Reading’ is here!

Ndamukong Suh has a disgusting meal for you.

Sometimes, you want your humor to be high-brow, clever and poignant. Some of the best comedians out there are not only funny, but extremely thoughtful and intelligent. Personally, I love it when a comedian can point the finger at society in a way that not many people can see.

Of course, sometimes silly words and nonsense are more than enough to tickle the funny bone.

Enter NFL “Bad Lip Reading.” If you’re unfamiliar with this annual series, a YouTuber takes NFL film and dubs over nonsensical audio over the players’ voices. It’s a stupidly simple concept, yet it remains one of the funniest, dumbest things on the internet.

In the past it has inspired Adrian Peterson to sign an orange peanut. Last year, Matthew Stafford had an “owie.”

Unfortunately, this year’s version doesn’t have much in terms of Lions content. Stafford makes another appearance this year, but it’s brief and not all that funny. However, there’s plenty to enjoy, so I would highly recommend wasting eight minutes for some juvenile humor. You’ve earned it.

Best Parts:

  • Ndamukong Suh: “Lobster scrotum pasta”
  • Marvin Lewis: “Can’t wait to be on a winning team.”
  • Jim Schwartz reminiscing about Viviana, the dancer
  • The Rams offensive line singing a ditty

Let us know your favorite parts in the comments

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