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Just Say No 3: 4 wide receivers the Lions should avoid in free agency

The Lions should just say no to these guys.

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Welcome back to Just Say No, Lions fans. If you’ve been following Just Say No so far this year, then you know that we’re doing things differently this year. We’re breaking things down by positions of need and importance of that need.

The first week we did defensive ends and then last week we did cornerbacks. Now we've reached the the next need—one that has been a point of contention among myself and Lions fans since the season ended.

Many Lions fans believe the team needs to get themselves a tight end and/or a guard. I believe the Lions need a receiver more than anything outside the top two needs. I’ve outlined that on multiple occasions.

Here’s the thing. You’re all wrong and I’m right. I’m sort of kidding. The thing is that this is about free agency. The Lions are more than likely to address the tight end and offensive line positions in the draft, which means free agency is where they really have to score a receiver.

There is going to be a plethora of options for the Lions in the market at this position, but they must chose wisely. One thing that could help in making their choice is if they just go ahead and avoid these four guys.

Breshad Perriman

I get it guys. Breshad’s dad Brett played for the Lions and was one hell of a receiver in his time here. So, naturally, you might think that talent is hereditary and all he needs to do to unlock it is play in the same place his dad played right? Sadly, the answer is no.

Perriman has unfortunately found himself in the category of a first-round bust. I hate to see it. Everyone in Detroit does, too, I’m sure.

Perriman has had some trouble staying healthy and has only started six games in his entire three-year career. At this point I wonder if Breshaud is heading to the AAF next year as opposed to any NFL team. I get the sentiment guys. It’s not happening though.

Devin Funchess

Again, I get it. Devin played at Michigan and Lions fans who wear the ugly blue and gold— maize is just gold—have a spot in their heart for Funchess. I’ll even admit that once upon a time, I wanted the Lions to draft Funchess. But I’m very glad that they didn’t. Here’s why.

If you had such a big problem with Eric Ebron and his drops, then you’re going to hate Devin Funchess. In fact, Devin is a big reason the Lions were able to beat the Panthers, if you remember correctly. The guy got open a ton of times and could have buried the Lions with a huge catch, but he dropped it nearly every time. He finished 10th in the league in dropped passes in 2018.

Funchess took a big dip in production in 2018 and even wound up missing a couple starts. There’s going to be a team that overpays him. It should not be the Lions. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lions were a team that Devin wanted to play for. Who knows what could happen here?

Michael Crabtree

I’ve always liked Michael, to be honest. Especially after this moment.

If the Lions were getting this Crabtree, 2012 Crabtree or even 2016 Crabtree, I’d be all in on it. I really would. But what’s left now is 32-year-old Crabtree who the Baltimore Ravens, a team in desperate need of receiving help, just released earlier in the week. You do the math.

I’ve always railed against players that are over 30 and fresh off a release, and I always will. Even if Crabtree had a halfway decent 100-reception season in Baltimore last year, I would still say no. The Lions need so much more than that and they need it for a longer period of time.

Randall Cobb

Alright, so this is the one guy that’s made the Just Say No list that I think could actually wind up in Detroit. There’s something about the NFC North and free agents winding up on rival teams. It makes some sense that Cobb would be the next guy to do that. Although, if I had to guess which team he really winds up with, it’s the Bears. They’re a team that’ll pay him the most and feel like they got something big out of it.

The Lions should stay away. Cobb is one of those guys whose name is up in the ether with Aaron Rodgers. You hear his name and assume he’s a top receiver. In reality, Randall’s production has fallen off a cliff, even with a (mostly) healthy Rodgers.

He’s had trouble staying healthy and hasn’t started a full season since 2014, which was coincidentally the one year he went to the Pro Bowl. In 2018, he played just nine games and caught 38 balls for 383 yards and two touchdowns—hardly something the Lions need to help get their receiving game back in line.

There is a caveat here though. Every year I pick a guy that I wouldn’t completely mind the Lions getting if the particulars were in order. This year, it’s Cobb. The reason why is because he’s still just 28 and has little leverage when it comes to contract negotiations... or at least he shouldn’t.

If the Lions can get Cobb on a cheap, short-term deal and they draft a guy like Deebo Samuel, then I’m perfectly fine with seeing if Cobb has anything left in him. Anything more than that would be too much.

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