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Super Bowl 53: Patriots vs Rams expert picks, predictions

The Pride of Detroit staff make their picks ahead of Super Bowl 53.

New England Patriots Practice Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s one of the best days, let alone Sundays, of the year: Super Bowl Sunday. People all across the country are preparing for the greatest unofficial American holiday with chicken wings, nachos, pizza, and apparently cake? Whatever gets the job done, I guess.

The beauty of the Super Bowl is that unlike most other football games, football isn’t the only spectacle. Maroon 5 and Travis Scott are expected to headline a halftime show rumored to include the hit song Sweet Victory from Spongebob, and all the while we get the best commercials of the year.

We mustn’t forget though that there is still beauty in the football, and plenty of storylines to follow in the big game. Former Lions lie on both sides of the matchup here, most notably names like Ndamukong Suh and Kyle Van Noy. It’ll be interesting to see it all unfold. Who knows, maybe one of those former Lions comes up big today.

With that being said, here are the Pride of Detroit staff picks for Super Bowl 53:


Name Rams vs Pats Score
Name Rams vs Pats Score
Hamza Baccouche Pats 37-24
Mike Payton Rams 42-35
Mansur Shaheen Rams 24-20
Kellie Rowe Rams 31-27
Alex Reno Rams 27-24
Jeremy Reisman Pats 38-34
Levi Blue Pats 34-24
Ryan Mathews Rams 24-17
Jerry Mallory Pats 30-20
Chris Perfett Rams 69-0
Kent Lee Platte Rams

Enjoy the football, food, and friends, be safe, and have a great time.

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