The View of the Offseason So Far and More

I wrote what amounted to be a controversial negative post about a week ago, that generated over 300 comments, many way off track. So first, I am not going to argue politics on my posts. I’m very liberal, and no one could ever change my mind, and I’m not out to change yours. So keep it footbball. And, at the end of this post is a surprise, at least to some.

I don’t like Bob Quinn. I think he does underhanded things, to try to make himself look better at others expense. Most of this is done with his manipulation of the media, and quite honestly, he is quite successful at it as proven by the huge response of people supporting him even though the team is horrible. Things were released in the media over the Lang but mostly Lawson releases, that should not have been released. Always to put the player in a negative light, so the masses will support his position. It works, but I don’t like it.

But the big turning point was the Tate trade. Even though what really happened has been written on this site, it is ignored. I will use this one example to defend myself some, and then I will drop the subject until he does something else I find horrifying. Tate was supposed to be traded in a 3 way trade where we were getting Dante Fowler. Certainly a defendable trade, a good player for a good player, but we needed a pass rusher. But Quinn blew it. We needed to make some cap room to be able to take on Fowler, so, if you remember, right after the Tate trade Marvin Jones was surprisingly restructured. So we trade Tate, restructured Marvin, but in the time lapse there the Rams upped their offer on Fowler and the Jags took it. So we got stuck with a 3 rounder but gave the team, and us fans, the feeling that we had packed it in for the year when we seemed to be getting on a little bit of a roll. Players know when management packs it in, and after the trade the team played without enthusiasm for quite a while. Professional, but not all out enthusiasm that it takes to win. What bothers me most, is the press release after the trade. That Tate was offered an extension but wasn’t on the same page. Maybe partially true, but the real press release was Quinn got played. Blaming others in the media when you screw up is not acceptable. Tate liked it here and would’ve stayed if possible. And, BTW, this did happen like this. This was not the first example of Quinn using the media to cover himself for screwing up, just the most obvious. Neither Quinn or Patricia have any people skills. Players know how it is here, that’s why we get guys only by paying schloads of money to them.

Now, I want to write about our FA signings. Some I like, some I don’t. Like most fans. One thing I’ve said seems true, we will only get FA if we outbid other teams. No one is giving an "I want to play in Detroit" discount. We now have the highest FA contract this year, and the highest paid slot CB in the league. Both seem to be very good players, in their primes, so you have to like it. But big money. I’m not as thrilled with the offensive signings, but I think that the draft is going to be way move offensive minded than most do. I’ll say this, right now, on 3rd and 8, our normal lineup would be, Jones, Golladay, Amendola, James, and Riddick. Got to be the slowest 3rd down group in the league, that has to change. But I think it will.

I’m more concerned with the strategy here. These contracts have kicked most of the money down the road. Even if we cut these guys before contracts end, we will have substantial dead cap money. Paying defensive players so much usually means your don’t have a huge QB contract, but we do. I think this is a desperation move a little bit, we are going all in for this season. That’s why we stilll have cap room, we aren’t done. I expect that we save some of this money, because the Lions are going to be able to sign the guys that get released later for cap purposes, it happens every year. I suspect we are still going to sign a CB and a guard before camp, bigger name guys. Then, one of 2 things happen. This team is still bad, and Quinn and Patricia are gone. They can’t survive another 6-10 year. Then, if they are gone, the future guys can deal with the cap problem. Or, we are pretty good, and they save themselves. These 2 are all in for this season.

So, if we are good enough, how do you survive the future cap problems? We trade Stafford. Drafting a QB will make the defensive salaries sustainable if we have a small QB salary. I think Stafford gets traded after this year, almost think it is the plan right now. Obviously, if he has a great year, they might have to figure something else out. But I think they think a lesser QB could run this vanilla ball control offense that we are going to be watching this year.

So I started to look at, what could happen this year? This defense, with far more talent, still gonna add a CB and a vet safety, and I believe gonna draft the LB from LSU in the first round, could be outstanding. And, make no doubt about, Patricia and Quinn might lack people skills, but Patricia is a defensive genius, with a lot of talent to coach. They could be really good. And, maybe, they could block enough to be able to run their play action offense, with a star QB and a conservative game plan. I think, gonna be torture to watch, but it could win games. I think they have a better chance to be good this year after what I see as their plan. All in now, deal with QB in 2020. Gonna draft a bunch of speed for the offense too. I expect a LB in round one, it’s still a glaring hole in our defense, and the most important position on a Patricia defense. We have Davis and no one else, add White, we look good. 2nd round, a rWR with track speed, Paris Campbell a possibility, round 3 a receiving TE. Draft backups around the roster day 3, play next year with experienced defensive guys surrounding 2 young fast LBs in the middle. This is what I think the plan is, and it’s better than I expected.

So, this morning the Lions contacted me with a one last chance offer to renew, and I took it. At least one more year, I’ll be in section 329. Hope I can enjoy it!

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