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The Detroit Lions won’t change their uniforms in 2019

Don’t expect any uniform changes in the next couple years.

One fun time during the offseason for NFL fans is when their team announces changes their their team’s uniforms or logos. While it’s undoubtedly a bit of a cash grab for teams, it’s also an opportunity for fans to embrace a brand update or upgrade.

For Detroit Lions fans, however, there won’t be that opportunity in 2019.

Team president Rod Wood confirmed at the owners meetings this week that the team will not be going through any uniform changes this year.

“Nothing for the next couple of years,” Wood said.

The reasoning for Wood’s decision is simple: They aren’t allowed to. The Lions made significant changes to their uniforms back in 2017, and NFL rules stipulate that teams can only make changes to their uniform every five years. The Lions won’t be eligible to change their uniform design until 2022.

That being said, Wood appears happy with the changes that were made a few years ago, and doesn’t see a need for change anyways.

“I think they’ve been well received by the fans,” Wood said. “We’ve been trying to use—the color rush we used twice last year, the throwbacks. I think bringing some variety to the uniforms is a positive thing, and I think the players like it too.”

However, Wood admitted the team may revisit the issue when the team becomes eligible to change again.

“I’m pretty comfortable with where we are on the uniforms,” Wood said. “But as we get closer to that five-year window, we may come back and we may look at any changes we might want to make.”

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