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Bob Quinn: Detroit Lions not planning to trade up in 1st round

Don’t expect the Lions to trade up in the first round.

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Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn didn’t pull any punches during his pre-draft press conference on Thursday. As he has remained all offseason, he was blunt and at least appeared to surprisingly honest.

The topic of trades quickly came up, and Quinn quickly shot down any theories of the Lions trading up from the eighth overall pick.

“I don’t think I’m going to be in the business of moving up in this year’s draft, but there are players that are worthy of that,” Quinn said.

The reasoning has little to do with the talent available at the top of the draft, but simply the cost of moving up.

“There are a couple players right at the top that you’d obviously would love to have, I just don’t think I have enough ammunition to get up there,” Quinn said.

Players like Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen would be great gets for the Lions in this year’s draft, but none are expected to be around when the Lions are on the clock. If Quinn is being honest, you can go ahead and cross those names off your wishlist.

And without even being prompted, Quinn turned the topic to a favorite of his this offseason: trading down.

“I think, like I’ve said previously, I’d rather move back a couple spots, if anything,” Quinn said.

This is now the second time Quinn has publicly mentioned a desire to move down in this year’s draft. Previously, the Lions general manager told NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport he’d love to trade down in the first round.

“I think that’s just good for business,” Quinn said. “The more you get, the more you’re going to hit on, so if we can acquire more picks, that would be something I’d look forward to.”

So why is Quinn being so forthcoming and honest about his draft desires? Is he purposely putting out smokescreens to throw off other teams? Does putting his ideal scenario out into the media help bring in offers from other teams? Quinn says there’s no ulterior motive.

“Just telling you how I feel. Trying to be honest.”

We’ll see, Bob.

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