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Notes: The Draft Network’s mock draft proposes double trade down for Detroit Lions

Everybody loves a trade down, but a true hero trades down twice.

Iowa v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

What’s better than a trade down in the NFL Draft?

Two trade downs!

That’s exactly what Benjamin Solak of The Draft Network proposed for the Detroit Lions in the site’s final mock draft of the season, released on Wednesday. First, the Lions traded down with the Bengals so that Cincinnati could grab the third quarterback off the board (Dwayne Haskins). Sitting at 11, the Lions then traded down again, this time with the ever-popular prediction of swapping picks with the Falcons at 14. Atlanta gets their guy in Ed Oliver, and the Lions still somehow manage to grab Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson.

Unfortunately, Solak doesn’t provide trade terms in his mock, so let’s break down what exactly that may look like.

A trade from eight to 11 is about the equivalent of a mid-to-late third-round pick. The Bengals only have a high third-round pick (72 overall), so let’s say Detroit picks that up, but sends their fourth (111) to Cincy, as well.

Dropping 11 to 14 requires identical compensation. Atlanta has a pick towards the middle of the third round (79), but that, too, would like require a little more kickback for that pick. The Lions’ fifth and first sixth-round pick should do it.

So in this scenario, here’s what the haul would look like:

Lions lose:

  • 2019 first-round pick (8)
  • 2019 fourth-round pick (111)
  • 2019 fifth-round pick (146)
  • One 2019 sixth-round pick (184)

Lions get:

  • T.J. Hockenson
  • Bengals’ 2019 third-round pick (72)
  • Falcons’ 2019 third-round pick (79)

They would have the following picks following the selection of Hockenson:

  • Second round (43)
  • Third round (72)
  • Third round (79)
  • Third round (88)
  • Sixth round (204)
  • Seventh round (224)
  • Seventh round (229)

Would you pull the trigger?

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