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Friday open thread: Who was the NFL Draft Day 1 winner?

Who was your NFL Draft Day 1 winner?

NFL Draft Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The first round of the NFL is in the books and in just about four years, we’ll know whether teams made the right or wrong decisions on that fateful Thursday night.

But because we live in a culture that demands immediacy and has no capability to delay gratification, we must decide HERE and we must decide NOW: Who won the NFL Draft?

There were lots of surprises, a handful of trades, and picks we could see coming from a mile away. But ultimately, all we want to know is who came out as the biggest winner. So today’s Question of the Day is simply:

Which NFL team won Day 1 of the draft?

My answer: There were a couple teams out there that got the players they should have or were fortunately to land. Josh Allen falling to the Jaguars was super lucky for them, as was Dwayne Haskins dropping to Washington at 15.

But I thought the Seattle Seahawks did something very savvy on Thursday night. Seattle entered Thursday with just five picks in the NFL Draft: a first rounder (21), a second first rounder from the Frank Clark trade (29), a third rounder (84), a fifth rounder (124) and a fifth rounder (159). If they’re lucky, they’d get two starters and maybe a rotational player out of that haul.

Instead, they traded back twice in the first round. First they dropped from 21 to 30, then from 30 to 37. Sticking with their 29th overall pick, they got someone they hope can replace Clark eventually in L.J. Collier from Texas Christian, a modest prospect but a perfect fit in Seattle. In the meantime, they added four more picks to their haul: three fourth rounders (114, 118, 132) and a fifth rounder (142).

That’s not exactly a massive haul, but it makes a lot of sense for a team that was low on draft capital and even lower on cap space. This team is going to build from the draft, and now they have a better opportunity to do so.

Your turn.

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