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VIDEO: Friday night Detroit Lions mock drafting

Watch live as Alex Reno and Jeremy Reisman run through some mock drafts

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If you’ve been following Pride of Detroit during the offseason, you know that we’ve been playing around with the Twitch format. We’ve done some live reaction shows—like after the first day of free agency. We’ve played Fortnite with Graham Glasgow. And Friday night, we’re going to try something new .

Given that the NFL Draft is now less than three weeks away, we want to start preparing ourselves for the event.

At 8 p.m. ET, myself and Alex Reno will be doing some live mock drafts. We’ll be running through a bunch of different scenarios for the Detroit Lions, picking our favorite prospects along the way, and polling those in the chat room watching.

UPDATE: You can watch a replay of the mocks below.

It should be a fun opportunity to see what kind of outcomes we may expect on April 25 when the Lions are currently slotted to select eighth overall, and a neat way to have us all interacting together.

Both Alex and myself will be streaming the live video, so if you want to watch and help participate, make sure you’re following both of our Twitch streams here (Jeremy) and here (Reno). You can set it up so that you get notifications every time we’re live, or you can just hang out this one time.

We’ll also embed the live videos here, if you’d rather not leave Pride of Detroit.

UPDATE: The mock drafting is over, but you can watch a replay below:

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