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Monday open thread: What positions should the Lions NOT draft?

Is there a position the Lions should avoid in the 2019 NFL Draft?

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The NFL Draft is now just over two weeks away, and teams are starting to finalize their draft board. Months and months of preparation are about to pay off for some teams, while others will end up re-evaluating their scouting process and wonder where things went wrong.

One key part of the pre-draft process is properly assessing your team needs not just for 2019, but for years beyond. You’d love to be able to simply draft the best player available at your spot, but no team’s roster is perfect. And on the other hand, sometimes you have to let a good player go if your roster is already set at his position.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Is there a position the Lions shouldn’t draft in the 2019 NFL Draft?

My answer: If we’re talking about the entire draft, I think the answer is no. I’m cool with the Lions drafting literally any position. When you get late in the draft, you’re basically just taking players that are longshots to make the roster, so I’m cool with adding competition anywhere. Yes, that includes kicker, punter and—yeah—even long snapper.

But let’s cut this down to the most impactful days of the draft: Rounds 1-3. Here are the positions I don’t want the Lions to address in the first three rounds: quarterback, running back, offensive tackle. That’s it.

I’m totally okay with the Lions grabbing some backup quarterback talent, but drafting one in the first two days means they’re likely passing over talent that could significantly contribute in 2019. As for running back, while the Lions need a backup running back for the future (C.J. Anderson is signed to a one-year deal), I don’t really like the value of picking a backup running back in the first three rounds. Finally, offensive tackle just doesn’t strike me as a big enough need right now. Assuming the Lions add Taylor Decker’s fifth-year option, they have both their starters for the next two years, and they could potentially already have a successor in Tyrell Crosby.

Other than those three positions (and special teams), I think anything is fair game in the first three rounds.

Your turn.

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