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Detroit remembers Gunther Cunningham

Former players, colleagues and media members shared their best Gunther Cunningham stories after news of his passing.

Gunther Cunningham

Gunther Cunningham obviously made a huge mark on the coaching landscape in the NFL. With a coaching career that nearly spanned 50 years, it’s clear he was a valued mind in the game of football.

But it’s clear his value went well beyond the football field. After it was announced on Monday that Cunningham has passed, there was an outpouring of great stories from people that Cunningham had personally touched during his coaching tenure, specifically during his seven years in Detroit.

So I thought it was important to share some of the memories those around Detroit had of Cunningham.

Let’s begin with the local Lions beat team. Both ESPN’s Michael Rothstein and the Detroit News’ Justin Rogers shared very personal stories that paint a clear picture of the kind of person Cunningham was.

Lions play-by-play voice Dan Miller also chimed in:

Some of his former colleagues and players also shared their thoughts on the life of Gunther Cunningham.

First, former Lions general manager Martin Mayhew:

And former Lions linebacker Tahir Whitehead and defensive end Lawrence Jackson:

And his final employer, Pro Football Focus, released this statement on Cunningham:

If you want to read more about Cunningham the person, the coach and the colleague, Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star wrote a very personal article on Monday.

You will be missed, coach.