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Fanpulse: Detroit Lions fans scoff at Vegas’ win total, over/under

6.5 wins? Nah.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL offseason and unwavering fan optimism. They go together like Damon Harrison Sr. and the Hostess aisle at Kroger. And with optimism comes a sense of entitlement. If ESPN, Bleacher Report or doesn’t have your team at least as a top-10 team in their power rankings they’re either a lazy analyst or a closet Chicago Bears fan.

We can see this on full display from our latest FanPulse results. We asked select Detroit Lions fans what their thoughts were on Vegas’ 2019 win totals. Right now, Detroit’s over/under is set at 6.5 wins for the upcoming season, just a half-win more than they won in 2018.

So how would Lions fans be placing their bets? The answer will not surprise you

Over 6.5 wins: 91 percent of votes
Under 6.5 wins: 9 percent of voets

Of course, this phenomenon is not just unique to Lions fans. Literally all 32 fanbases had more votes for the over than the under. However, Lions fans had the 10th-highest percent of fans voting on the over. Here’s a look at the top-10:

Eagles: 99% over 9.5 wins
Colts: 98% over 9.5 wins
Chargers: 96% over 9.5 wins
Seahawks: 96% over 8.5 wins
Bills: 96% over 6.5 wins
Rams: 95% over 10.5 wins
Bears: 95% over 9 wins
Saints: 92% over 10.5 wins
Ravens: 91% over 8.5 wins
Lions: 91% over 6.5 wins

While the Bears remain one of the most confident fanbases in the NFL, it’s interesting to note that the Vikings and Packers fanbases are a little tepid in their optimism. Only 77 percent of Vikings fans voted the over for their nine-win total, while just 63 percent of Packers fans think they’ll win over nine games.

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