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Video: Watch Matthew Stafford put Aaron Rodgers’ chugging attempt to shame

Frat Stafford is back!

On Thursday night during the NBA Conference Championship Game between the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks, the camera crews inside the Milwaukee arena found Packers tackle David Bakhtiari.

As has become tradition in the past year or so, when a famous athlete gets caught on the big screen at a sporting event, he must immediately chug his beer. Bakhtiari, being the offensive lineman he is, had no problem fulfilling the tradition, swinging back two beers in about nine seconds.

Then cameras cut to Aaron Rodgers. He... well, he gave it his best:

Okay, first off, that isn’t even a full Beer, Aaron:

That’s like three-fifths of a beer. And not only does it take Rodgers eight seconds to drink approximately eight ounces, but HE DOESN’T EVEN FINISH. Thankfully, the camera went back to Bakhtiari to reclaim pride in the land of the Pack.

This would have adequate schadenfreude to be noteworthy on a Detroit Lions blog like this, but the story doesn’t end here.

Minutes later, Kelly Stafford, wife of Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, posted this on Instagram:

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A post shared by Kelly Stafford (@kbstafford89) on

This social media post deserves an Emmy.

First, kudos to Kelly for the cinematography. She zooms in on the same basketball game being played. This accomplishes two things: Like taking a picture with today’s newspaper, it confirms this is present day, 31-year-old Matthew Stafford. Secondly, it confirms this is a direct response to Rodgers’ pathetic drinking attempt.

Then Matthew takes over. Tall-boy in hand, like the Patrick Mahomes of drinking, Stafford no-looks the camera and takes down a full beer in about four seconds. Frat Stafford is back, y’all.

(Also underrated, the very, very real, definitely not staged conversation between Sam Martin and his lady friend at the beginning of the video.)

This just continues the trend of the Lions owning the Packers. Detroit has now won four five straight over Green Bay.

Here’s a tip for you next time, Rodgers. You need to R-E-L-A-X the throat a little bit.

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