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Have the Detroit Lions gotten better or worse in a year? A positional breakdown

We examine which positions have improved since May 2018.

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Detroit Lions Introduce Matt Patricia Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

At this point last year, Detroit Lions fans were pretty excited. Despite two unpopular moves of franchise tagging Ezekiel Ansah and cutting Eric Ebron, most were in agreement that Detroit has a pretty solid offseason, and coming off a 9-7 season expectation were high for first-time head coach Matt Patricia.

Obviously, things didn’t work out too well. But now optimism is renewed. Patricia is in Year 2 of his Lions tenure, and many are feeling the roster has improved drastically, especially when it comes to Patricia’s vision of the team.

But just how improved is this roster? And has it improved in all areas? Has it gotten worse anywhere?

That’s the topic of this week’s PODcast, as Jeremy, Ryan and Chris go down each roster position and compare the 2018 and 2019 rosters. Are the Lions better, worse or the same?

This week’s episode:

  • There’s no doubt the tight end position is one of the most improved, but does it make up for the losses at wide receiver? T.J. Hockenson + Jesse James = Losses of Golden Tate + TJ Jones?
  • Is the Lions’ bad quarterback depth better or worse than last year’s?
  • How bad of shape is the Lions’ offensive line without T.J. Lang? Is the development of Frank Ragnow and Tyrell Crosby enough to offset it?
  • The defensive line is better. A lot better.
  • Without a doubt the defense is better, but what is the ceiling? Top 10? Top 5?
  • Mailbag talks offseason hobbies, Netflix/Hulu recommendations, running game expectations and why the Lions didn’t go after Zach Brown.

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