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Notes: Detroit Lions owner Martha Ford has ‘a lot less tolerance for mediocrity’

Rod Wood thinks Martha Ford is more proactive than her husband was.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Detroit Lions owner Martha Ford has not said much publicly since inheriting the team in 2014 following the death of her husband William Clay Ford. Her reputation, therefore, has been somewhat muted.

However, just a year into her reign, she made big, sweeping changes to the team. Following a 1-7 start, she fired both team president Tom Lewand and general manager Martin Mayhew. Many believed that was a sign she was a little more proactive than her predecessor, seeing as her husband allowed someone like Matt Millen to stay employed for nearly eight seasons despite the team going through one of the worst stretches in NFL history.

Rod Wood, the person who assumed Lewand’s job as team president, believes that’s exactly the case. Speaking at a fan event this week, Wood gave high praise for the Lions’ owner (via Fox 17 West Michigan through Dave Birkett):

“I think Mrs. Ford is a very different owner than her husband and has a lot less patience and a lot less tolerance for mediocrity, which is why we’ve made some of the changes that we’ve made,” Wood said.

Of course, Wood isn’t exactly the most impartial of observers, seeing as Mrs. Ford was the one who hired him. However, he had been working with the Ford family for eight years prior to his hiring to the Detroit Lions organization and likely knew William Clay Sr. quite well.

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