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Pride Of Detroit’s Fan Spotlight: Koula Stoll

Let’s meet the fans.

Detroit Lions fans are a special breed. It takes a special kind of commitment to go through the ups and downs of a Lions season and then continue to go through it all again year after year. It’s because of that commitment that it’s safe to say the Lions have the best and most loyal fans in the world. For the next month, we’re going to celebrate some of them here at Pride of Detroit.

A couple weeks back we started our fan spotlight series with Sweta Patel. We talked about how she is always at nearly every Lions event. Well, someone who is frequently by her side is Koula Stoll of Oakland County.

I met Koula at a Lions fan meet up last summer, and I can tell you first hand that she’s awesome. Koula is a brand manager for large commercial power equipment company, a Lions season ticket holder, and, what I found the coolest, a member of the Detroit Mower Gang—a group of local Detroiter that go around mowing and cleaning up parks and schools that have been abandoned.

We know a little more about Koula as a person. Now let’s get into her love of the Lions.

How did you become a Lions fan?

“My love of the Lions... My mother loved the Lions. She was a single mom and as a kid growing up we always had the games on. Couldn’t afford to attend, so we would watch them together on TV. I didn’t realize that other girls weren’t football fans. I assumed everybody was. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t a Detroit Lions fan (almost 50 years!)

Side note: I’m a big Martha Ford fan. I’m proud she’s our owner. I’m so happy with the changes she’s made. I think we will also look back at Bob Quinn as the guy that changed the Lions into a winning organization.”

Who is your favorite Lion ever?

“Toughie. Going with Barry Sanders. He did things on the run that most running backs dream of. Just incredible. He’s so talented and you watch his tape all these years later and you just say, “Wow!”

Watching him run never gets old. I’m so happy that he’s a part of the Detroit Lions family. I watched him in college and with the Lions. We were lucky to have him.”

What is your favorite Lions moment ever?

“My favorite play. There are so many!! The one I just loved, and I was there for it, on December 31, 2017 we were beating Green Bay and there was a two-point conversion and Matthew Stafford CATCHES the ball from Golden Tate. Then throws it up into the stands. Ford Field went crazy! It was so much fun! That play was football at its finest! Best play calling of 2017.”

What are your thoughts and predictions for the 2019 season?

“Predictions are hard, but If everyone can stay healthy, I think Matt Patricia will take us to the playoffs. I have a lot of faith in him. He’s aggressive. He’s used to being a winner. Not winning will NOT be acceptable to him. Last year was a learning experience. This year he’s going to do things his way. He’s building toughness, greatness.. and that’s what winning football is all about, right?!”