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Wednesday open thread: What is the Lions’ most overpaid position group?

The Lions dealt out some serious cash this offseason — after the dust settles, is it all worth it?

Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It’s a Lions fan’s most optimistic time of the year — the offseason. The team has made their free agent and draft moves and given the fan base all the right reasons to have hope for a successful 2019 season—fingers crossed it’ll come to fruition.

The Lions gave out some serious paydays this offseason, signing free agents like Trey Flowers and Justin Coleman to some hefty market-setting contracts. There’s a degree of hesitation that comes with dishing out money in free agency, as a change of scenery and scheme doesn’t always work as smoothly as planned.

With money spent at tight end, corner, defensive end, and more, the question must be asked:

Which Lions position group is most overpaid?

My answer: The defensive line.

I don’t say so for the reason you’re thinking—while “Snacks” Harrison’s and Trey Flowers’ deals are both in the top five among Lions in average salary, both are relatively friendly for the star roles they are supposed to play in Matt Patricia’s defense.

However, Devon Kennard is still set to make an average of almost $6 million a year and Romeo Okwara just got a $7 million dollar extension based on his play as a starter in 2018, despite the fact that he’ll slide into the backup role behind Trey Flowers in 2019. If you give star money to star players, that means you likely need to take discounts for the role players, and the Lions haven’t done so along the defensive line.

Which position do you think is most overpaid? Let us know in the comments.