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Saturday open thread: Which NFL player would you steal and put on the Detroit Lions?

It’s the middle of June. Nothing exciting going on. It’s time to play make believe.

NFL: Pro Bowl
Which Pro Bowl caliber player will be joining Darius Slay and company?
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Most leagues love the copycat method. Once a team finds success with a certain style of play, other teams follow suit (ie: The Wildcat craze of the mid 2000s in the NFL or the Triangle Offense of the NBA). The same goes for players and coaches. After Sean McVay’s recent success it seemed like anybody associated with him got consideration for a head coach position.

The NBA might see a shift in teams’ willingness to rent a player for a year after it led to the Toronto Raptors landing Kawhi Leonard and their first NBA Championship. Could the NFL follow suit? To be honest, most likely not. One player in the NBA can drastically change a team’s future. I’m no math expert (just a math genius) but an NBA roster is 15 guys and usually only about nine play, and the NFL is 53 guys. It’s simple, more players on a team means ONE player will have less of an impact.

Buts it’s June 22, there isn’t a ton going on and I want to have fun and play pretend. So let’s grant the Lions one rental player for this upcoming season. Don’t worry about what they gave up to get him (or her?) or if you would agree to these terms. This player literally just falls in Detroit’s laps for next season only to help the Lions get their Toronto Raptors on. Which player are you choosing to help the Lions next year? My answer reaps multiple benefits.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings
He’s going to look ALOT better in Honolulu Blue and Silver.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Khalil Mack, welcome to the Lions. I’m going with the stud edge defender as the final piece of what I already think will be a really good defense. Not only does he make the Lions much better, but we’ve just weakened a division rival severely (Chicago Bears). Any regression for them on defense means more is expected of Mitchell Trubisky. That’s a scary thought for Bears fans and an absolute dream for any other fan in the NFC North.

Unfortunately, I can hear the anti-Matthew Stafford crowd marching to my house as I type this. “l’ll take Pat Mahomes!” Although I don’t agree, it’s fantasy day. All opinions are approved. Although I could see improvements with having several other quarterbacks, I still believe in Stafford and see even more of an upgrade by taking this defense from good to elite. And while we are playing fantasy land, a lesser but still amazing upgrade for the Lions on defense COULD still happen (Hello, Mr. Clowney). But for now, I’m about to get some Mack Avenue shirts made.

Your turn. Who are you adding to the squad?