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Ask POD: We vacation for no one

It’s any week of the year, so that means it’s time for a Detroit Lions mailbag.

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FBI Begins Investigation After 9th American Tourist Dies In Dominican Republic Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It seems like across the United States it vacation week. Kids are out of school. The weather is nice. Go out and find yourself a body of water to lay by but never get in because who knows what lurks in the murky depths of whatever lake, ocean, or river you’re hanging around?

Anyways, while you are all living it up bulking up your instagram pages, we here at Pride of Detroit are still hard at work. PODcasting is a 52-weeks-a-year job, and you’re going to need to listen to something while you’re traveling to wherever you’re going. What are you going to do? Talk to a stranger on a plane? Or even worse, have a serious conversation with a friend during a road trip? BLECH. Shut them both up with this week’s PODcast.

To help us create this #Content for you, we need your help. Send us your questions—Lions related or otherwise—and we’ll try to answer it during our mailbag portion of the PODcast. You can submit your questions below in the comment section or via Twitter using the hashtag #AskPOD.

Reminder: We are also doing a weekly mailbag section on the site. If we don’t answer your question on the PODcast, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll answer it in my weekly article. So really fill our mailbag up good this week.

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