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Marvin Jones releases media diss track after bogus trade rumors

Marvin Jones is fed up with fake news.

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We all know that Marvin Jones Jr. has some serious pipes on him. He’s been on “American Idol,” he’s constantly singing and dancing on his Instagram page, and he has his own private studio in his house.

Now the Detroit Lions receiver is using his talent to dispel some baseless rumors about him. On Monday evening, Jones dropped a track on Soundcloud called “NUNYA!! A ‘Fake News’ Melody.” It’s a four-minute track that’s clearly targeted towards the media for their misrepresentation and intrusiveness in his life.

You can listen to the song by visiting Jones’ Soundcloud here.

Take a look at the lyrics:

“I see you fishin’ around for something
Trying to make up a headline out of nothing
Trying to make my best out for the worst
Trying to twist the truth right out my words

I only give blessing to learn lessons
Got no time to answer all these stupid-ass questions
Ooh, you better not try me
I see no estória [story] about me

You trying to make a show
About some shit you don’t even know
But deep down you know I got it on my own
Why can’t you just let it go?

As if you didn’t know.

Ain’t it your business
Ain’t it your business
How I do this shit
Let’s just be legit

Ain’t it your business
Ain’t it your business
Got no fucks to give
So hop off my shit

As noted by Jones, he wrote the song a while ago, but thought it was fitting to drop on Monday. Why?

Well, because there was a very fake rumor out there on Sunday night that the Lions were nearing a trade that would send Jones to Washington, which was quickly debunked by anyone who considered the source.

But what drew Jones to write and record the song in the first place? We’re not going to speculate, but it’s clear he’s a little frustrated with his media relationship.

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