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Should the Detroit Lions repay Calvin Johnson?

The PODcast crew debates.

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Yep, it’s time to talk about it again.

It has been three years since Calvin Johnson retired, but about every year around this time the same conversation peeks its ugly head into the conversation around the team.

On Saturday, Johnson told the Detroit Free Press that there’s one simple way for the Lions and the future Hall of Fame receiver to make amends from their ugly divorce in 2016: pay him the $1+ million in signing bonus that they asked Johnson to pay back in the response to his mid-contract retirement.

This has led to an array of VERY INTENSE EMOTIONAL RESPONSES. Some think Calvin is being greedy. Some think the Lions are being greedy. Idiots are trying to convince themselves that Calvin was never any good and therefore don’t care if he’s ever part of the organization again.

The PODcast takes on the topic again in this week’s episode, trying to see it from both sides. After that, we discuss Week 3’s crazy upset over the Patriots last year, then tackle some Hard Knocks and Frank Ragnow. Check it out:

On this week’s PODcast

  • Calvin Johnson wants his money back, should the Lions comply?
  • Would paying Johnson back set a dangerous precedent?
  • Is Johnson being too rigid with his demands? Is there another way Detroit can make both sides happy?
  • Way Back Machine takes us back to the glorious Lions vs. Patriots “Sunday Night Football” matchup.
  • Was that win a fluke or is that what this team is supposed to look like?
  • Did Bill Belichick throw the end of the game?
  • Mailbag takes on “Hard Knocks,” discusses Frank Ragnow’s move to center, Matthew Stafford future, and debates whether we could turn around the Lions in three years

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